A Referral Network for Mission-Driven Business Owners

Grow Your Business Through Aligned Referrals

Without Transactional Swaps, Weird Group Fees or Time Wasting Meetings Like BNI

So You Can Make the Impact You're Born to Make and

Join a Powerful Team of Soul-Aligned Allies

"Referrals convert 3-5x higher than any other marketing channel"

Source: Annex Cloud

Sebastian Cruze

7 Year Mastermind Leader

15+ Million Generated for Clients with Online Marketing

○ Lover of Stand Up Comedy

The Mission

Help the next generation of American Leaders rise and Create innovative solutions for our country's problems.

They say wait for politicians to save the day…

We say mission-driven business owners pave the way.

The Vision

Impact 1 billion people together by 2050 AD

So we can work towards a Prosperous Planet by 2100 AD

The Values

We focus on creating True Freedom for ourselves and others

So that you can have the time and money to do what you love and

Make the impact that lights you up


We 80/20 the 80/20

Heart-Centered Leadership

We Lead by Example


We Win Together

Culture Fit

Who We Are For and Who We Are Not For

Who We Are For

  • Spiritually Connected: You care about your true calling and utilize tools like Soul Contract, Human Design, Gene Keys, David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness (Power vs Force) or meditation

  • Clear Niche: You are clear on your niche (easy to refer)

  • Clear Customer: Within your niche, you're clear on who you serve (easy to refer)

  • Politics: You believe in freedom and the founding principles of the United States of America and while you may not agree with other people's political views, you still respect their right to have their own opinion as a fellow citizen of our country

  • Ego: You've already had your "fall"... or maybe a few! So you've come to realize that life is a team sport and you've had enough of the "rank games" and know collaboration as equals is the only way (we've all done big things on our own... yet it's just scratching the surface of what we can do together)

Who We Are Not For

  • No Spirituality: You are allergic to words like true calling, soul, spiritual, meditation, purpose, passion or raising consciousness

  • No Niche: You are in many niches (hard to refer)

  • No Customer Focus: You serve many types of people and don't like choosing one type (hard to refer)

  • "Us vs Them" Politics: You believe the "other side" is always wrong (no matter what side you're on!) and you judge and criticize anyone who doesn't hold your same views. Instead of seeing people as fellow Americans with an opinion... you see people as "friend or foe" based on their political label

  • Big Ego: You love nothing more than the sound of your own voice and feel the need to always tell everyone how awesome you are (we get it bro, you've done big things... so has everyone else in the network!)

How We Work Together

Increase Your Audience, Leads and Sales

☀️ Podcast Interviews

☀️ Social Media Cross Promotions (LinkedIn, Insta, FB, YouTube, X, Tik Tok)

☀️ Direct Referrals Through 3-Way Email Introductions

☀️ Build Referral Channels in People's Programs

☀️ Find Synergistic Providers to Help Your Clients Get Even Better Results

☀️ Co-Host Events Together

☀️ Aligned Mailings to Email Lists

Claim Your Niche

Claim your niche in the Dream Team Network as a

Trusted Provider in one of the 3 main categories



Personal Growth

The Target for Your Business

The $10 Million Target

The target is for everyone to have a powerful and peaceful

$10 Million dollar or more business

(if you want)

While doing what you love in your niche

Because for thousands of years the most powerful people on the planet that have

Used and abused the people... have had all the leverage (aka trillions of dollars)

Now we need REAL Leaders with REAL Power to be

Creating REAL Solutions for our country and moving humanity forward

“You can’t be a lighthouse if you can’t keep the lights on.”

The Investment


Because you can't buy your way in.

Which is why we are only accepting leaders

Who have been referred by existing members and are a clear culture fit.

Interviews with Dream Team Members

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Conversational Copywriting

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Community Leadership

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CampAbundant.com (password: abundantia)

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