Sebastian’s Story


“Hello Comrade,

My name is Sebastian Mychel Cruze
and I am Your Guide.

For the past 7+ years, I’ve been a Trusted Advisor for Business Leaders at 6 figures, 7 figures and up to
50 million dollars in revenue per year.”

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”26″ font_font=”Myriad%20Pro”]You’re here because Your Masterpiece is awakening within you.

You are here because the Bigger Purpose of your life keeps pressing you harder and harder each day to bring it forth into the world.

You are here to become who you were always destined to be.

My mentors and myself have spent 75+ combined years developing the art and science of a person achieving their True Calling…

Now they have passed the torch to me to share it with the business community.


But it wasn’t always this way… I found it by accident


Once upon a time when I was 20 years old I was rapidly building my web design company…

I had the opportunity to activate True Calling Cognition…

But I ignored it because my company had just 10x’ed its revenue in less than 6 months…

I thought I didn’t need it since we were growing so fast anyways…


Well I ended up losing everything because my company imploded…


I was so embarrassed and ashamed


I felt utterly worthless and like an unforgivable failure


I got to the point where I was hunched in the fetal position on the ground, wanting my life to end


In that moment, when I thought of taking my own life


The FORCE of my True Calling rushed through me…


And I realized that the money and success was great… 




Then none of it fucking mattered!


That’s the moment when I committed everything to My True Calling


I didn’t know what my True Calling was, 


But now I knew THE FEELING


So I followed that feeling and sheepishly went back to my mentor 

to Activate True Calling Cognition…


Once I did, my second business launched and grew fast


And quickly stabilized into a Freedom Money Machine 


that gave me the time and resources to dive deeper into the art and science of True Calling Cognition


For many years, I’ve traveled across the world to study:

Ancient, Advanced Psychology

Pioneering, Modern Psychology

Ancient, Advanced Mathematics of Evolution

Energetic Dynamics

Biology of Consciousness

Cutting-Edge Neuroscience

Analyzing the Life Stories of World-Changing Icons


As I started sharing aspects of what I had learned,

The endorsements began stacking up:


Kylie Slavik, the “Behind-the-Scenes Brain” of numerous multi-million dollar marketing campaigns in the personal development industry:


“Sebastian gave me a whole new perspective on things that I would’ve never seen without him… which will add at least a quarter of a million dollars to my business, with a very small adjustment.” – Kylie Slavik


Kevin Kurgansky, owner and creator of the long-standing, multi-million dollar brand called The Breakup Doctor says:


Torah Bontrager, author, CEO-Consultant, United Nations recognized non-profit founder and the world’s first Amish person to Graduate from an Ivy League school:


Celebrity Magician David Lion who has performed for celebrities such as Drake:


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