Sebastian Cruze

Creator of the True Freedom Method

Sebastian helps entrepreneurs follow their passion and

create a profitable business with scalable systems

○ Over 500,000 leads generated through my own passive income systems

○ Lost everything and discovered my passion for helping people do what they love

○ On a mission with the TrueFreedom Partners to help free 1 billion people by 20250 (Prosperous Planet by 2100)


- Free 1 Billion People by 2050 -

We believe true freedom is having time and money to do what you love


- Global Abundance by 2100 -

We believe 1 billion free people can solve the 17 Global Goals and bring forth a dramatic leap in human prosperity 



Are we leading

with respect?


Are we taking the most simple route to our goal?


Are we leading

with generosity?


Are we laughing


10% of our profits goes to Saved in America which is our partner charity of retired Navy SEALS, Special Forces Operators and Police Officers who go on missions to save American children who are stolen by gangs and forced into sex slavery.

Saved in America track and locate the children who are in the depths of darkness and bring them home to freedom.

Do You Have Abundant Creator DNA?

Being an Abundant Creator means you care about passion, purpose and profit all working together in your life

  • C - Contribution: you focus on impact

  • R - Reliable: you honor your word

  • E - Efficient: you 80/20 the 80/20

  • A - Active: you take inspired action

  • T - Tacos: you like to have fun

  • O - Open: you are open to new ideas

  • R - Radiant: you shine with generosity

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