For Purpose-Driven Agency Owners with Virtual Teams

Solve Agency Overwhelm 

By Working in Flow State

TrueFreedom is an Agency Operating System that guides your team to
succeed with more free time, more ease and more profit

“Top executives report being 5x more productive
when in Flow State (10 year study)”

The 3 Common Problems for

Agencies with Virtual Teams


1-on-1 Calls Fill Your Schedule

You love what you do but you feel drained with your schedule and have a “ceiling” on your income and impact

“Never Ending” Group Calls

You love your team but you feel exhausted with how long it takes to get things done

“Only 1 Project Manager Away”

You feel like you’re so close to get your weekends back but every new addition increases cost and complexity

We don’t have 8 creative
“problem solving” hours in
a day… we have 2 .

Spend your time wisely.

-Naval Ravikant

Founder of with
$2.5+ Billion Assets Under Management

The TrueFreedom “Agency Operating System”

Turns a Burden Agency into a

Freedom Agency


So your team can be happier, healthier and more effective
working in their Zone of Genius

“Burden” Agency

More Growth = More Stress

ⓧ Stress: You feel like everything is always urgent and always a high priority


ⓧ Frustration: You feel like projects take so many extra revisions to get done right


ⓧ Burnout: You feel like you’re drowning in a never ending to do list

“Freedom” Agency

More Growth = More Ease

✔ Clarity: You feel clear on what the handful of highest impact tasks are each week


✔ Confidence: You feel energized because projects are done right the first time

✔ Inner Peace: You feel a sense of calm as you make powerful gains each week

Software, Coaching and Systems Guide Your Agency Into Flow State

Freedom Calendar

1. Focus

Maximize team results with less time by focusing on the 80/20… of the 80/20 (aka the top 4% of activities)

– Pareto Principle

Freedom Calendar

2. Flow

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best & perform our best

– Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Freedom Calendar

3. Genius

Your Zone of Genius is the set of activities you are uniquely suited to do

– Dr. Gay Hendricks

Check Out the Case Studies

Dan Russell, the owner of the marketing agency
Vivid Labs went from…

50+ hours a week ⮕ 10 hours a week

In less than 90 Days

…and doubled his profit

Dan Russell

Dan Russell

Founder, Vivid Labs

Which gave him the time to devote to his True Calling,
which was guiding him to write his book…

Grant Cardone’s team caught wind of his book and now he’s consulting as the Chief Revenue Officer (and future equity partner) for Grant Cardone’s 10X Incubator

Tim Wolf

Tim Wolf

Founder: Academy Incubator

Freed Up 30 Hours a Week While Increasing His Income and Having Clients Thanking Him for His Impact with Them

Michael Mathis

Michael Matthes

Founder: Crossfit M2

Went from 50 Hours a Week
to 5 Hours a Week…
Moved to Miami

TrueFreedom is Kinda Like Giving
Iron Man Suits  to Your Entire Team

So Everyone Sees What Matters Most

And Blasts Forward with Ease

TrueFreedom is Kinda Like Giving
Iron Man Suits
to Your
Entire Team

So Everyone Sees What
Matters Most and

Blasts Forward
with Ease

The Results of Flow State
With Your Agency

Make Money
With Your Team

Actual tracking metrics used by Google for their internal mindfulness program

Save Money
With Your Team


Give Access to

Your Team

Freedom Calendar


Follow the

Weekly Guidance

Freedom Calendar


Succeed with

More Free Time

Freedom Calendar

Calculate the Value

of Your Agency Operating in

Flow State

The Founder

Hi, I’m Sebastian Cruze
The Founder of TrueFreedom

I help purpose driven teams
free up their time and energy
by working in Flow State

○ Grew Agency by 11x in 9 Months at 21 Years Old (marketing agency)

○ Went from Agency Overwhelm to Agency Freedom (nearly dying in between)

○ 10 Years of Self-Made Passive Income (giving me time to follow my passion)

The Mission

We are on a Mission to

Free 1 Billion People By 2050

We believe True Freedom is creating wealth
with the work you love and the schedule that lights you up

Step 1

Free 1 Billion People to
Create Wealth with
What They Love to Do

Step 2

People Contribute to a Global Goal They Are Passionate About

Step 3

Solve the 17 Global Goals and Create a Prosperous Planet by 2100 AD

Let’s Create a Prosperous Planet Together

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson