What Fuel is Your Business Running on? (The Power of Your Purpose)

Welcome, comrades, Sebastian Mychel Cruze here from decodeyourgenius.com and I’m here to help you live your life’s greatest work. Today’s, message is about the power of your purpose because oftentimes when a person starts asking the questions, “What’s my purpose? What am I here for? Does this even mean anything?” When a person starts asking those questions, it starts taking them on a path of discovery. And, oftentimes, the power is lost. And what I mean by that is there’s a lot of focus on say love for others, self-love service. Yet it feels, to me, at least a lot of people forget the power that’s in your purpose. And it’s not just something that’s an add-on what you’re doing. It’s actually a core source of fuel to achieve the things that you want in your life. It’s actually an enhancer rather than just a bonus.

Where Do You Draw Life Fuel From?

So let’s just take a look at an example here of why that’s the case. And let’s take a look at sports because that’s a very easy example to correlate the things of business. In a sport, if a team doesn’t fully believe that they cannot only make it to the championship yet and win, then if they don’t believe that, then how are they performing? Well, they’re performing with a lack of confidence and oftentimes, not to their … I mean pretty much all the time, not to the best of their abilities. There has to have some type of switch to be flipped for them to believe. And so in your business, yes, it’s important to have the vision of the tactical goals of, “We’re going to increase these numbers at this time,” and at the same time, if there’s no core central vision that people feel connected to mind and heart, then you’re leaving a lot of power on the table. It’s like you’re accessing say only 50% of the power of the fuel to drive your business forward.

We know in sporting events when they’re playing for a cause. One example of this is the New Orleans Saints when they were playing for their city, it activates a certain level of power that moves the team forward and there are many ways why that happens. However, in this video, I’m just going to talk about one. One of those things is that when shit hits the fan when we go through challenges in business, sports or life, that’s the critical moment where we decide consciously or unconsciously what fuel source that we drive upon and when the odds are pressed against us. When everything is facing you, are you drawing upon the fuel, that intrinsic motivation of, “Oh, I just want to get these numbers done? Maybe I can buy some cool stuff for myself or you know, maybe hit the numbers for the team that I’m obligated to.” Are you drawing upon that fuel source?

Discerning Your Sources of Fuel

Or are you drawing upon the other fuel source that says, “I am committed to a cause,” that is very clear that head, heart and hands are all united for that cause? And when you draw upon that fuel source, what starts to happen? We start to look at the challenges that are in your face and say, “Okay, okay, bring it on. Bring it on.” Because the core vision, the core cause is unflinching and whatever needs to be done to move forward on this cause we’ll be done. And if all the odds are against the person and all we can move as an inch forward right now. So be it. If it’s only a millimeter forward, so be it. Guess what? This train is moving forward regardless.

Very different energy than drawing upon the previous fuel source of just trying to hit numbers and obligations, which is why it’s so important to connect to the power of your purpose Because there are going to come into your life unexpected challenges. Just like there is for me, just like for every person on this planet that is breathing. No matter what we do to put in place procedures and measures to mitigate unexpected challenges, and those are all very important. Despite that, we’re going to encounter things that we don’t expect. Just a part of life. So instead of denying that fact, we can first embrace that fact, be okay with it, and also be prepared of when that time comes, what fuel source are we going to have at the ready to power us through it?

And guess what? If we wait until that challenge time to figure out and change our different fuel source, it’s going to be a lot harder. So if you are at a challenging point right now, let’s double down on the fuel source of the power of your purpose. And if you’re somebody who is in a really good place right now, then now’s actually the time as well so that whenever those things come in the future, you are prepared and ready.

Make a Change in the World

And why am I personally charged up about sharing these things with you? I’m charged up about it because I know that a person doing their life’s greatest work is what’s going to change the world. I am all for saving the trees, saving the oceans, saving the animals. All these things are all positive things. And I also look at what’s the root cause that will create the most amount of impact? And what will create the most amount of impact is waking more and more people up. Waking them up for them to start living their life’s greatest work. Not sometime in the future, but some time now. Why is that important?

Why is that an urgent business to attend to? It’s because as more and more people connect to their life’s greatest work, they connect to more and more the power that’s actually here for them to create the change in their causes that they care most about. And I know that you listening, that everyone listening, we all have different causes that are near and dear to our hearts. That’s beautiful. So each of us can first connect to this fuel source for our own games, for our own customers, for our own team, power everything to the next level with that. And then as those things are fulfilled, we’re also connected to what’s the bigger picture of humanity? What’s the bigger picture for our species as a whole?

There’re a lot of great things in this world. And there’re a lot of fucking problems in this world. Real problems with real consequences that need real power to break through them. And that’s why I can’t do it alone. That’s why nobody can. But together, more and more of us connecting to our own unique fuel source that drives us forward creates the influence with each person that they can deploy that influence to not only help themselves, not only help their team, not only help their customers, not only help their family but also help the communities in our species that they care most about.

To Sum It Up

So that’s what I have for you today. It is spending a little time exploring into the tremendous power that you have within your purpose and how that fuel source creates different results in your business. How that fuel source creates a different level of power within yourself that can conquer through challenges. The different fuel source that drives you forward and creates a different level of impact that cannot be created by any of us when we’re not tapping into that fuel source. And how, as you connect to that fuel source, it’s a win for you. It’s a win for your business. It’s a win for your team. It’s a win for your customers, and it’s a fucking win for all of humanity. That’s why you connecting to your special inner-purpose inside is the highest priority thing that you can do for yourself, for your business and the world. That’s today’s message. Sebastian Mychel Cruze. See you soon.

Does Your Vision Scare You?

Hello comrade. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here. And I was just on a Zoom call with a dear friend of mine and a question came up and I gave an answer to that question and he was like, “You know what? You need to stop the video right now and you need to make a video and post it on Facebook and share the message that you shared with me right now.”

The Feeling of Fear

Here we are and the question was about this person feeling some fear around their vision. They had done some different processes and they’ve connected deeper to their purpose and the size of that purpose, and then they could feel that it was so true in every cell of their body. 

There was no question that like, “Wow. This is what I’m here to do. And if I continue to apply myself and get better and better and better, this is the trajectory that I can make on this planet.” That’s what he was going through. And the expansiveness of it felt a bit scary. Felt a bit like h*** s***, that’s not only a lot to do. But that’s a lot to make an impact on humanity.

Understanding Your Vision in Life

I have a couple things to share with you today. 

Your Purpose

Number one is, what is your purpose?  What is your vision for yourself? 

What is your vision for the impact that you can make in your lifetime? Does that vision scare you? Do you feel like “Wow. If I continue to apply myself, this is the impact that I can make on my community. I can make with my business. I can make in the world. This is the impact that I can make on history.” but at the same time feel scared?

If your vision doesn’t scare you, then it’s time to level that vision and look for something greater. Because, believe it or not, an incredible vision that’s much bigger than any of us even realize is within each of us. If you’re not looking at your vision and thinking, “Whoa. We got a lot of work to do here. Like this is some big time stuff.” 

Dig Dipper

When you’re not feeling that about yourself, then go deeper. Swim deeper into your vision because it’s in there. Every one of us has a seed within that is encoded with a grand vision. It would be nice if we just came out of the womb and knew everything. Knew our whole vision. Wouldn’t that’d be nice? But really, it’s an iterative process of expanding more and more and more and more, okay?

If you’re in a position, connect deeper to the point where you’re like, “Wow. I feel some nervousness because it’s a lot to do.” Okay? Because if we’re going to make an impact on this planet, if you want to make an impact on this planet, then why not make it the biggest you can be? 

Make a Plan

Second thing is, if you’re the type of person that’s going through what he was going through, which is you’re doing work on yourself, you’re developing deeper and deeper in your purpose. 

You’re like, “Wow. Okay. I have the opportunity over time to really make a big, big, big, big change in a really big change.” If you’re in that position, this is what I shared with him. I said, “Imagine it’s like whatever’s beyond here. Our souls before we came into this planet. It’s like we’re looking at the plan of what we want to accomplish here.”

And I believe that everybody does this before they come here. Now do most people do their plan? No. But if you do make sure that it’s memorable even after you’re gone. It’s like we’re looking at this plan and we’re like, “Okay, well, you know this is the specific passions I have, the specific tools that I have. This is what I want to create.”

And he was saying that it was like, “Well man, I kind of maybe feel some anger. Why’d I have to pick something so big?” And my perspective is like I was trying to understand but I was like, I really can’t because I feel like if you have the tools and you’re sitting as a soul before coming here and you’re like, “Okay, I care about improving humanity. I care about helping the work,” then it’s like, “Well, let’s just fucking go as big as we can and make the most amount of change in this short 70, 100 years that we’re on this planet.” That’s how I feel.

Make Your Mark

What type of changes are we going to do here? Yes, having business is good that helps customers. That’s great. But here’s the reality 10 years from now the leaders in the industry, if you fast forward in time will be gone. 

It will be like, “Oh who?” People don’t even know.

I experienced this when I was at an internet marketing seminar and it was high profile guru in the early 2000’s. I think it was 2005, something like that. That’s when he was a guru. But then he went through some things and then went out of the public eye and then now, I think at that point it was like 2016, 2017, nobody knew who he was. It was like an OG of internet marketing. One of the big wigs and then fast forward I think like 10 years, nobody knew who he was. Maybe 5% of the audience knew who he was.

That was a big lesson to me. I was like, “Damn. Damn. Okay. Well here’s a person that made a lot of money, helped a lot of people and then, boom, gone.” Imagine what’s going to happen 100 years from now. Well, tell you what, a lot of people can be helped and that’s great, that’s fantastic, but what really gives me the juice and I feel like we all should be focused on, is like what’s going to really create endless impact? What’s going to create immortal impact that continues to impact on and on, until we’re, much after we’re gone.

Achieve Something Greater than Great

Because man, we create a lot of value but it goes back to normal right after you’re gone from this planet, was it really mission success? Was it really mission complete? What I took a stand for was it okay? Let’s take a look into the value that we’re doing. Instead of just helping humanity, how can we change its course to give the future generations a better world? How do we heal it? That’s what I encourage with your vision, to connect to something that’s near and dear to your heart. 

Like we all have the same goal, the same inner drive. Let’s raise the consciousness of humanity so we can stop being problematic to each other and start living better. You probably have that inner drive. I know you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Within that one drive there’s different avenues to help you achieve your goal. Your tools and your passions might be of help. They’re going to be helping different people. We all have our own causes that we can contribute to within that.

Within your cause, within your way of helping people become better, are two things. Number one is how can it create real change so it’s not just a band-aid? How can it actually heal the wound? And how can we put the things in place so that hundreds of years from now, 500 years from now things are still improved and feeling the impact of what you did? Personally, I’ll just say it for the record; it doesn’t matter if anybody remembers me 500 years from now. But, it’s not about that.

It’s like, people who care about if your name’s going to live on, it’s like, well, what do you think you’re going to be? On the other side like dead and just being like, “People are talking about me. I must have done it right back in, you know when I lived on earth.” It’s like who cares. But, it’s like if you really want to live with an impact, then it’s like well if we’re doing this to create impact for humanity then what’s the point if the impact just washes away 100 years from now?

To Sum It Up

That’s what I’m sharing today is I’m inspiring you to connect to your vision. What’s the endless impact component of it? What can continue to grow and grow and grow and grow so that the impact isn’t washed away? And that’s what I really feel is like the mission here is to create so much value that it lives on even when we’re gone. And regardless if anybody knows your name, knows your company name, knows your whatever, if everything is washed away with the sands of time, which 99.95% of humans are just washed away with time. The memory’s gone. We’ll remember a few people. But most of us, everything’s going to be washed away.

But what is the impact that’s going to continue on? It’s like, say you’re on the other side. You pass on and wherever that ends up being it’s like, you have that inner feeling, that “Man, my life not only created value but it changed the trajectory and now people who don’t even know my name, who will never know my name, are experiencing the impact of that every day.” Now that sounds and feels and absolutely is mission accomplished. 

Never Enough Time in the Day? (To get the things done… you need to get done)

Welcome, comrade! Sebastian Mychel Cruze here. And today’s message is for you, if you are feeling overworked in your business. Okay? If the scenario in your business, if that snapshot is looking like, “Man, there’s never enough time in the day to get things done that you need to get done”, then listen to this message. 

In fact, it’s probably a scenario, where the things you needed to get done yesterday still haven’t all been done. If that’s a snapshot of your business, then listen forward because, A, I’ve been there before, B, I’ve gotten through it, and C, I’ve helped a lot of people get through it as well.

Not Having Enough Time In The Day Is As Close To Implosion

First things first – is to realize, is if you don’t do something soon, you’re actually closer to an implosion than you realize. I’ll explain. Because you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Self, I can’t get any good people around here! I would have enough time in the day if only my people did the things they’re supposed to do.” 

Are those thoughts going around in your mind? I know they were going in my mind back in the day, when I was experiencing this in my first web design business.

First thing is, if you don’t fix this soon, the few good people that you do have are going to walk out the door. Even the loyal ones! They’re going to be like, “You know what? I believe in you, I believe in the mission, but I just can’t do this anymore.” And they’re going to say, “I’m sorry,” And they’re going to leave. 

And then it’s going to be even a worse scenario that you’re in right now because you’re going to have to go through the whole process of searching out the applicants hiring, interviewing, all that stuff, getting them running just to be breaking even again, just to be at ground zero again, much less be effective.

It’s Just Right Around the Corner

So, I’m sharing these things with you, number one, to share with you, A, the real stakes that are going on here that most people have no clue about, but is just right around the corner from them. 

That’s always for me. I had no clue. Well, actually people were trying to tell me, but I was like, “I got time.” I did not have time. And as I’m going to share those things that are up in your business right now, they’re right around the corner and then we share the solution. Okay?

Try To Keep Up With All the Changes

Second thing is that, if you’re in a scenario where your business has taken off and you’re trying to try to keep up with all the changes, trying to keep up with all the workload, well, if you don’t solve that soon, here’s the shadow. 

The shadow is that, yes, revenue is going up, that’s great, but the thing is, as you have more and more employees, and if they’re not doing the things you’re supposed to be doing because of, hint, you, if that’s not happening, then the swings are bigger. 

The more revenue that’s pumping in, the bigger the swings can be, the bigger the payroll is. Okay? So you don’t solve this soon, all of a sudden, boom, a little bump turns into a big swing and, bobbity-boo, we’re at the revenue goal. 

We don’t know it’s gone. It’s spent, but payroll still needs to be paid. That’s where the real problems start coming in.

That’s another reason why it’s important. The most important thing you can do is to fix this thing and fix the cause of why you’re overloaded right now. Not the symptoms, not some little efficiency tasks of like, “Oh, if I use this certain methods, then I’m going to get more of my things done in an hour.” That’s helpful, but that’s still a band aid. 

We need to go to the source for this, otherwise, what happens? Boom! Business implodes, happens all the time, especially when entrepreneurs get to this point. Here’s what happened to me back in the day. So I know from this real experience the joys of missing the queue on this one.

You Just Grind! Grind! Grind!

Third thing is you’re hitting a point where more and more hours is grinding down on your body. That’s eroding your mental, physical, emotional faculties. That’s all it was for me. 

All I knew back in the day was, if there’s a problem, I’m just going to work harder, baby! I’m just going to keep working. The glorious grind. That’s what Gary V told me. You just grind, grind, grind! And it works to a point. 

If you don’t have the right systems in here, then it just runs the person to the ground. And what happens when the owner runs to the ground? What’s pretty close behind? 

The business because it can only go at the speed of the leader, the team can only go to the speed of the leader. If that leader is going down, everything else is going to follow. As you’re getting less and less sleep, as you’re having less and less free time to yourself, AKA none, then you’re eroding your decision making process. 

And here’s the subtle thing about it – you don’t even realize it. Nobody does. I didn’t realize it. Nobody realizes it in the moment that, “Whoa, my faculties are slipping.” We all think we are. And especially as entrepreneurs, here’s the rub.

Too Much Optimism Can Be Your Greatest Achilles’ Heel

We’re naturally optimistic of the future and of ourselves. We naturally have a certain confidence that says, “Hey, I can just go and start this thing, even though tons of other people have failed.” 

By prerequisite, each of us entrepreneurs has those two qualities. And while they are fantastic and absolutely necessary qualities to get a new fledgling and idea proven into the market and off the ground, it’s absolutely necessary. 

While it’s true, it also can be our greatest Achilles’ heel, especially in those things because as our faculties are eroding down in that scenario, that optimistic part says, “No, no, we’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. We just need to get that a project manager and everything will be A-okay. It’s not me. It’s him.” Pretty much the dialogue that’s going on. It’s always about getting the right team member, then things will be okay.

And as we erode their mental faculties, decisions, we don’t realize it because we’re optimistic of the future. And then we’re also confident, perhaps to a fault, in ourselves, like, “Oh no, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.” And that’s the macho, tough guy thing that we’re taught in reality of like, “Oh, you’re fine, you’re fine. You’ve got to keep going, keep going and keep plugging away.” 

The Real Stake Of Your Health Going Out Of The Window

Well, even though the entrepreneur can keep plugging away, the decision start deteriorating and some of those decisions, guess what? You’re lucky. We’re lucky, if we make a decision and we get feedback right away. Why? Because then, we can make a change. But a lot of other decisions are a lot more subtle. They’re invisible. 

Make a decision, it propagates down the chain of command into the business, and it might be months before we see the result of that decision. 

Imagine yourself as a person getting less sleep, their health is going out of the window, things are decreasing and eroding, and they’re not even realizing it. And guess what? Who’s going to tell them? The people that are being paid by them? The people that say, “Hey boss, you’re making s***ty decisions and it’s affecting all of us.” 

No, you’re not going to hear that for your team and because they’re getting paid by you, and it’s not their place to really. And they’ll try to say those things. But, what happens? 

If you’re like I was, if you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s like hearing ear muffs to it. And the boss doesn’t want to be wrong. So, those cues are missed and plotted forward. That’s the real stakes.

When The Support System Starts Crumbling Away

And as a person who erodes more and more and more and more and more, make worse and worse, worse, worse decisions, and then their personal life starts falling apart because the family, or the friends, or the significant other is like, “You’re falling asleep.” 

When we’re supposed to be watching a movie, you’re not present here. Your mind is racing in a million different ways and you’re not even actually here. You’re physically here, but your mind isn’t here. 

Your support system starts crumbling away. The very people that are looking out for your best interest and you want to be there for them. You started the business in the first place to be able to give to the world and give to the people you care about, but you’re not there for them. Starting to crumble away. 

The Solution To The Real Issue

If you are feeling overworked right now… for me back in the day, it was 100 hour work weeks and I was proud of it. That’s how deep I was in it. So whether yours is 60, 80, a hundred plus, maybe even more, these are the real issues that you actually have right now.

Okay. What’s going to solve it? The solution is to upgrade the leadership, because, if your team is not doing the things that they’re supposed to be doing, guess whose shoulders that falls on? You, me, the leader of the company. 

Here’s the thing, here’s a helpful way to see it, is that oftentimes we start off as like the warrior leader and then we’re used to doing it ourselves, pound the pavement, attacking, being aggressive and making things happen. Then, as people come into our team, we don’t change. We’re just that same person. Just more influence and more power. 

And there’s things that, I’m just going to say it, like there’s things that you’ve been doing in your business that you know so well because you put so many hours into it.

When you have a person who’s hired to do that and you expect them to do it perfectly in the first week, even with giving them a perfect SOP, it’s like the reality of that isn’t happening. It’s a really big gap. 

And what usually happens is the leader gets pissed of, “Why the f*** can’t you just do the process?” When they need a coach, they need good leadership to put them in an environment where they can succeed. Taking somebody off the street, giving them a spreadsheet or a Google document, and saying, “Implement.” That’s not leadership, that’s not leadership.

The solution here, and it’s a simple one, but it’s not easy, is to be a leader that’s more in the sovereign energy. There’s a lot to it, but simply put is, is the king, queen energy. And I know that’s the buzzword these days, “Be a king. Be a queen.” Okay. 

Bringing Out The Sovereign Energy – The King And Queen Energy

If people actually knew what that entailed, they wouldn’t want to be it. Because it means a lot of responsibility, it means hard decisions, and it’s not easy. If you’re truly doing it in a service leadership, that’s what you’re doing, it’s tough and you’re going to make mistakes. But everyone wants to be where they just want the rewards of it without the responsibility of it.

It’s important to come more into that energy. And, as you can see is you can feel. If you’re hunched over and you can check your body throughout the day, if you’re hunched over, your neck is like this, it’s like you’re in warrior mode. You’re in warrior mode. 

And what is the warrior mode belief? The warrior belief is that if I want it done right, I’ve got to do it myself. Well, that’s okay for a solopreneur business, maybe one or two employees. But once you get past three, good f***ing luck. That’s why you’re overloaded. 

That’s one of the reasons. Whereas, the sovereign energy understands that there’s too much stuff to do in the business, too much stuff to do. If I try and do it all myself, A, it’s not going to get done, and B, it’s not going to be done right. You need to let go of being the star of the show. That’s not your role. Your team around you, it’s like they’re the stars of the show.

Don’t Be the Michael Jordan Of Your Business

It’s like in basketball, you don’t want to be the Michael Jordan of your business. You actually don’t. You want your team to be each the Michael Jordan of their role and you’re the Phil Jackson. You’re on the coach with the clipboard. 

You’re not on the court, you’re planning up here, and you’re saying, “Okay, well here’s something that you can do to improve.” “Here, try this.” “Oh, this person needs a little bit of confidence here. Let me boost that up.” That’s your real role. That’s your real role. And we make that distinction from being the star to the coach. You can let them actually do what they need to do.

Having that energy will allow you to start handing off tasks and have them be done more properly because, man, how motivating do you think it is to be somebody new to a company, to a team, excited for the vision, and then the owner flips his f***ing s*** every time you don’t do something right? 

Wow. Well, it might work in the movies. It might work on these shows, but reality, that type of dictator, tyrant leadership is not actually leadership and it doesn’t inspire people to go the extra mile. What happens is that people start saying, “Well, s***..” 

Either the A players, the rock and roll players, they say, “You know what? I’ve got the skills. I’ve got the experience. I can go wherever I want and get paid. I don’t need to be in this dump.” That’s what they’re saying internally.

The, B, players say, “Well, I don’t really want to go to a different place. I’m going to build up these skills even more and I guess I’m just going to ride it out.” And if you’ve hired C players, then they’re just happy to have a job, and they’re going to stick there, and probably do the minimum required so they can still get paid. 

If you can imagine that’s another reason of your frustrations, because if you’re surrounded with team members that aren’t playing at that A level, because you’re not leading them to that level or you’re not selecting through your hiring process, those people, then no wonder you got a lot of work to do because you’re picking up the slack and everybody else because it’s a f***ed environment to try and succeed in the first place.

Coaching Your Team 

For today, what I invite you to do is as you’re talking to your team, as you’re seeing the things that you’re doing, imagine yourself in the sovereign energy, which is upright by the way. It’s not hunching. It’s upright so you can see what’s going on. 

Instead of jumping into action right away, you’re going to coach somebody to do that. And guess what? It’s going to take more time, of course. There’s going to be that part of your mind that says, “Well, I could’ve just done it in 15 minutes and then it’ll be done.” Well, the reality is no. 

I mean, unanimously across the board, entrepreneurs are horrible. Horrible. So bad at estimating time. We, across the board, think things will take less time than they actually do.

So first and foremost, the 15 minutes that you’re thinking of, probably not 15 minutes. Second of all, yeah, you’ll get it done now, but it’s a band aid. And what happens the next time it needs to be done? And the next time? You need to be able to pump the brakes a little bit right now and say, “Okay, I’m going to give up that extra five minutes again and I’m actually going to start coaching people to be self-sufficient.” Okay? 

As you do that, you can imagine you’re in that energy where you’re guiding and leading rather than doing, blaming, and burning. So, that’s really what it is.

If you feel like this hit the nail on the head for you, it’s because I’ve been there. I’ve been through every f***ing shade of what you’re going through right now. So, if you want some insights personally of what I’ve gone through one on one, just hit me up. Let’s have a chat. Let’s have a talk. 

Let’s take a look at what you’re going through and let’s look at how to cut those hours in half because cutting those hours in half so that you’re working half the hours that you’re doing while achieving more, the actual byproduct of that is you upgrading your mind to create leverage with your leadership so that people can thrive and apply their creativity and the right people can be in the right roles at the right time. That’s what it’s about.

That’s when things start changing. And that’s when magical things starts to happen. What’s that? “Wow. I am so grateful for the team I have. I’m so blessed to be connected with these people. I’m so glad we get to help each other.” And that’s what I want for you, because I know that you have a vision inside. 

To Wrap It All Up…

I know you have a purpose to help your industry, help the planet, help humanity. And that’s what I get fired up, is giving you the tools that I’ve learned through direct experience so that you can skip the pitfalls that I went through. And I know that the vision that you have in your heart and in your mind will never amount to s*** if you don’t build these skills. 

These skills are what’s required to create impact on a greater level. And if they aren’t built, then the impact stays at the certain level, which is good, it helps people, but it’s not the grand vision that I know is burning inside of you. 

So that’s what I’m here for. Sebastian Mychel Cruze. Cheers.

Have You Lost the URGENCY that You Used to Have When You First Began Your Business?

Sebastian Mychel Cruze here, and today’s message is going to be about urgency.

I’m sure that when you first started your entrepreneurial journey, you had lots of urgency, because you were motivated to make money, probably create freedom for yourself. And then, along the way, you started doing that. You busted your ass, you made it through challenges, you worked hard, and then all of a sudden, started happening. More money, more freedom, and I’m sure you hit a point where you got to experience the things you wanted to experience, and then all of a sudden, that same type of drive, that same type of urgency, was no longer there.

Have You Found What Drives You?

What happens to most people is then, they’ll jump to a different business idea, and they’re looking for the external thing when in fact, it’s internal to get their mojo back, get their drive back, to go, go, go!

And when that happens, if a person is going up the scale of their own consciousness, and they hit a point where the things that drove them so hard no longer drive them because in the beginning, pretty much everybody is driven by not feeling enough. By feeling inadequate, or wanting significance, wanting to look good, wanting to have these things so that people can respect them, and that’s what’s driving them, okay?

There’s nothing wrong with that! That’s how I started. And then, once that starts happening, when we start being more confident with ourselves, realize we don’t need those things to actually function. And the people who don’t realize it, they just keep having a void in their… just keep filling a void, and they think that the next thing is going to fill it, but it never does.

When in fact, what’s happening is it’s more of like the things that drive you are switching. The things that, as they were pushing you, you’re pushed by not feeling enough, you’re pushed by wanting the things that you didn’t have, and then once it hits this breaking point, then that push, that’s the highest limit it’ll bring you. But then you start need to being pulled, pulled up. And that’s called up the vision of what you can give, what you can contribute.

Because if you had all the money in the world and you had all the freedom in the world, what would you do? And most people would go on vacation, do all the things they want to do… Okay. Then what? “I’d lay on the beach forever.”

Okay. Well, that’s cool, and is great until a certain point, it’s like, “Well, I’ve got to do something! I’ve got to create something!” And for some people, depending on how long they’ve been burned out for, how long they’ve been working, that time on the beach could be a month to years. But there’s going to be a point where it’s like, “Okay, I have skills, I have energy, I want to create something. I want to do. Well, that’s exciting! That’s a good idea.”

Pulling Your Vision Together

Okay? That’s the time where you need to be pulled by your vision, and that’s where you need to connect to the vision that lights you the messed up! And you’ll notice that it’s got to be something bigger than yourself. It’s got to be something bigger than the toys, than the awards. It’s got to be something deeper.

And you’ll notice that those start being the things that start connecting and filling that void, quite frankly. And you start feeling pulled. So, you need to follow that, because otherwise, what happens is people get stuck in Limbo Land, where they’re not pushed by anything anymore. They have the freedom. They don’t necessarily need to do the things they used to do. And they’re excited about a few things, excited about a couple ideas, where the business is going, maybe another idea.

But it’s not the tractor beam vision that’s pulling them forward! So, they’re stuck.

Stuck, just swimming around in Limbo Land. And you can see it! Their energy in the person is flat; it’s lukewarm. It’s like if you’re waiting for an apple pie to get out the oven, and to be all nice and hot, and then you pull it out and it’s just room temperature, completely bland. Some of you weirdos might like that, but if you’re expecting it to be hot, piping hot off the oven, that’s not the experience you want.

So, you don’t want to be a lukewarm entrepreneur. You don’t! You want to be dialed into your vision and on fire. And that’s where the urgency comes from, because in the beginning, the urgency, it starts with, “I don’t have enough. I need to get enough for me.”

And then once that starts switching, you’re like, “Okay, I have more than most.” Then it starts being like, the urgency once you connect your vision of like, “Holy! This is the vision that I know in every cell of my being that I am here to do!” And as you connect to that combination for you, that vision for you, then the urgency, the new urgency, the evolved urgency, starts coming through.

And that urgency isn’t like, “Oh, I’m not enough, I’ve got to create!” It’s, “Holy shit! This is the mission that I was born for! This is what everything in my life has culminated for. Let’s get this show on the road! Let’s start moving and shaking and getting it out to the world!”

Building Progress In Your Career

Progress! And that’s the new urgency that you’ll have.

You are probably in one of two positions listening to this video. You’re either in lukewarm land; can’t even say it, because it sucks. If you’re in that land, then double down on connecting to your vision. That’s the singular focus right now. Not the marketing tactic, not the shiny whatever of the day, not the high profile event; connect to your calling, your cause, and your vision. That’s if you’re in lukewarm land.

Now, if you’re in the land where you’re feeling urgency at certain times, it’s kind of like it ebbs and flows, fantastic! Pay attention to those times when you feel that just… it’s like you feel like the energy is in your chest and it’s pulling you forward to certain activities, to a certain direction, best case for you, follow that and be like, “Hm. Let me see with new eyes, with new lenses, let me see in my life the activities I’ve been doing recently. Okay. These ones haven’t been giving me this feeling. This one has, or maybe these two have.”

Understanding What You’re Doing 

And then explore that. What were you doing? What were you connected to? And follow that trail!

Because we know, it’s pretty simple. I mean, we could go really deep on why this is important, or we just keep it really simple. The simple thing is, who wants to do business with Mr. Lukewarm there? Nobody!

“Oh, yeah, my, you know, business is good.”

F******** flat! Nothing wrong with that. Well, yeah, there is a lot wrong with that! If you want to make a big impact, if you want to help people with your full potential, then that, being that way, is messed up!

Mm-mm (negative). No! And the simplest way is that achieving your goals, is like… That energy isn’t going to win. The energy that wins is a person on a mission, a person connected, a person who’s like, “I can see it! I can feel it! And yeah, mistakes are going to be made! But this train is only going one way: effing forward!”

That’s the energy that wins. You know that, I know that. So, I am here with this little daily message to give you the pat on the back and the kick in the ass to connect to that energy for yourself. Because I know that when you’re connected to that energy more and more and more, you’re going to be doing the things that you were actually designed to do. You’re going to be making the impact that you were born to make. And you’re going to be building the empire that I know you’ve always wanted to build!

Final Thoughts

That’s what I got for you today: connect your vision, double-down and find that energy that just pulls you forward, and that’ll be the new urgency. That’ll be the new law of the land, the new compass that guides your journey. And as you do that, you’ll be connecting to a whole different power, which obviously gets whole different results.

“Manifestation Culture” is Making People Soft, Fake and Weak?

Sebastian Mychel Cruz here. Today’s message is going to ruffle a few feathers. It’s that the manifestation culture is making people soft and weak. I’ll explain. The premise of manifestation is that I’m going to focus on the things that I want in my life. Naturally, that is focusing on positive things, positive experiences. I’ve got to focus, focus, focus my thoughts. No negative thoughts, no negative thoughts, no negative thoughts.

We All Need To Be a Little Skeptic

While that is good, just like everything else in the world, a good thing taken to the extreme ends up becoming a detrimental thing. When a person takes that to the extremes where they are monitoring their thoughts, monitoring what they’re focusing on so much that if a negative thought comes in, “Whoa, it’s not there, I’m going to just focus on the positive, focus on the positive.” What happens is that the person starts being fake to what they’re really feeling.

They actually take what they’re feeling and push it down and put on top a mask that says, “Oh no, I’m okay. Everything is fine. Positive, positive, positive, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.” It’s not what’s actually going on down there. When the reality is that you can put a mask on whatever, a pile of shit is still a pile of shit. If that pile of shit is like the unresolved emotions you have, it’s still going to be stinky down there. It’s going to be weighing you down.

How to Address Life A Little Better

Number one, that’s what’s going on. It’s like we’ve got to be real to ourselves and what we’re experiencing, process those emotions with those tools that you have so it can be released in a healthy way, not hurting other people, in a healthy way. Then you can actually come to a positive place authentically, not fakely.

Second thing is it’s also promoting this idea of it’s got to be good, it’s got to be good, it’s got to be good. Okay, well you manifest your way and get everything good, then what? You have no challenges. It might sound great, but what happens when a person doesn’t get challenged? What happens when there’s nothing to overcome? Imagine the movies were like that. Nobody would watch them and it would be boring.

Yes, you can have fun without conflict. I’m not saying that, unnecessary conflict. Without challenge, there’s no growth. It’s this ideal that’s good, but when it’s an extreme, it’s this person who’s searching, searching, searching, searching, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking for a scenario where they’re not challenged at all. What happens when someone isn’t challenged, they get soft. What happens when muscles aren’t challenged? They decrease.

Maybe, yeah, while that mindset is going on here and a person is applying that in their life, it’s a person who when they’re confronted with challenge, in that instant there’s a slight falter. There’s a slight, “Oh I don’t want this.” It’s subtle, but as we’re running our businesses, our business is a direct reflection, a direct extension of what’s going on internally in the owner. That hesitation starts creating losses.

How to Refocus Your Life to Accept Things

An idea to share today is that instead of so focused on everything’s got to be good, everything’s got to be good, don’t want any bad things, what if it’s a focus of here’s a tool, it’s just a tool, nothing more than a tool, it’s a tool, let me use it to get the best reality I can, and let me use it to be the strongest person that I can be. Guess what? You can only be strong when you’re going through certain challenges.

Good luck getting stronger in the gym if you’re not putting challenge to there. You’re not challenging your mind. While I think manifestation techniques, the real ones, not the bullshit ones, the real ones are good. My message today is not to get lost in them, not to get lost in the person that gets so pampered by soft fluff that when the slightest little challenge comes up, “Oh I don’t want that.” Instead of standing strong in it, especially, especially being a leader of your company, you’ve got to be strong.

When there’s the challenge that comes forth say, “Let’s go. Let me step into it both feet in. What do you got? I’m here. And I’ve got some cool fucking tools with me, manifestation, other different tools.” That’s the energy that I believe you really want. The culture has kind of found its way. There are a lot of softies. How do I know? Because I’ve also been through it myself.

Accepting Challenges As They Come

I went into the land of the tools, the manifestation of all that stuff. I found a lot of good things and I started taking it to the extreme. I started getting soft. I needed to get reeled back in, have some fucking strength, and still use the tools, but not get lost in them. That’s my message for today. Be strong with the tool. Invite challenge.

I’m not saying unnecessary conflict, not at all. I’ve actually lived that too. I have a saying for that. The saying came to me one day that said, “There’s no honor in unnecessary struggle.” There’s no honor in unnecessary struggle. I am not an advocate for that at all. I’m an advocate for making things as smoothly as possible, while still understanding that as a leader we’ve got to do something every fucking day that challenges us in some way, and keep adding the bar of what challenges us. Keep strong, otherwise it goes away. That’s just the way it is.

I certainly didn’t make those rules, but I’m one of the 7, 8 billion on the planet, just like you, that those are the rules that we’ve got here. Be strong, challenge yourself. I’m not just talking intellectual challenge. That’s a scape goat. That’s a fucking scape goat. I’m talking about things that make you uncomfortable. Things that you go, “Wow, mind starts thinking of all the reasons why you don’t really need to do that thing,” whether it’s speak, or physical activity, or whatever it is, the mind starts saying, “Oh I don’t really need to do that, do I? You’re accomplished as it is. Who do you have to prove, is it anybody?”

That’s what the mind will say whatever it is, but if you don’t challenge yourself and actually apply and go through those things that make you uncomfortable, you’re going to get soft. That’s just what I see. That’s just what I see with a lot of the culture. Like I said, I’m not blaming anybody because I’ve been through that. I’ve experienced that to a point, and then reeled it back in, reeled it back in.

I know that you listening to this message right now, something inside of you says, “Holy fuck, something there.” This is an opportunity to pick one thing that pops up in your mind, boink just popped up right now, one thing that’s uncomfortable for you to do. The mind might say, “Oh we got so many other things to do. How’s that going to make you money?” It’s going to make you money by making you a better person, make you stronger. After you go through it, you’ll be like, “Okay, it wasn’t all that bad,” or you’ll say, “Oh that really sucked, but I made it through.”

That will make you a better leader in your company. You’ll be stronger. You’ll have the strength that will start emanating from you that you don’t even need to say, but people can just feel it. It’s got to be earned, and it does not come through reading a book. It does not come through watching this video or listening to this audio. It would be nice if I could just send this message and boom, upgrade complete, strength built. No, it’s got to be through those things that you personally don’t want to do, that you go, “Oh let me just wait till tomorrow.” Fuck that though, do it today.

Final Thoughts

That’s my message. Lots of love because I know that you’ve got a vision in your heart. I know you’re on a mission to create a positive change for the world. Guess what, you need to be fucking strong to do the mission that you know you’re supposed to do. A soft little version of you, just like a soft little version of me is not going to be able to lead that change that you feel, and I feel. We’ve got to strengthen ourselves continually. It’s a practice until the day we die. As you do this, you’ll be able to do what you’re really here to do. 

Follow Your Fuel

Welcome, Sebastian Mychel Cruze here. Today’s message is about following your fuel. Why is that important? It’s because your life’s work, the thing that everything in your life has prepared you to build, prepared you to impact, the direction that combines your greatest cause, the things you care about most, it combines your greatest skills, and it combines the people that you care about the most. 

What Drives You?

That path, that direction of your life’s work that requires a different fuel source than what got you to where you are. The important thing is learning how to identify that fuel within side of us. And as you follow that fuel, it’s the concept of following the signs to be more and more and more on the path of your true life’s work. Why is that important? That’s important because that’s where your greatest leverage, that’s where your greatest power, that’s where your greatest influence is. 

Why is it Important?

Number one, because it activates a whole different energy inside of you when you’re committed to a cause that lights you up.

And number two, all the things that you’ve gone through in your childhood, in your business, all the mistakes, all the wins, all of those are preparation for your life’s work. The more we’re in our lane of our life’s work, it’s more of those qualities come to the surface. Otherwise, they’re just lying dormant underneath the surface. So it’s a practice of first noticing that you’ve got two different fuel types with inside of you.

You might be a person right now where you’ve got a bunch of different projects and if you’re honest with yourself, when you tune into each of those projects, they have a different feeling and some of those projects you really feel. In here, you might feel that like, “Okay, I am really deeply excited about that,” and then another project you look at and then it feels flat here it feels like lukewarm or just feels flat. But up here the mind starts saying, “Oh, it’s a good opportunity. We can make this amount of money. So and so’s involved. It’s going to be great. We’re going to get it to this point. And then we’re going to do the thing that we really want.”

How Do You Find Your Fuel?

I’m here to share with you that the most efficient route to do our life’s work is to start listening to this and follow that fuel of like, “Okay, what projects, which arrangements do I have this fuel that lights up inside of me?” Because that’s connecting you to your true life’s work. And on a very practical level we’ve all had experiences where we didn’t have quite the right feeling about it but the mind override that feeling of with all of these different reasons and they probably were good reasons, they probably made sense, but something here was just not on board with it and then, later on, we’d find out that it wasn’t the right thing for us.

And yes, no matter what we go through as entrepreneurs, we can always extract the value of, “Oh, I listened, I learned this, I learned that.” Yes. At the same time, when we look back, we can see that, “Okay, a lot of time was spent learning that simple lesson, and I could have just avoided that by following the fuel in here,” and there’s not much talked about these days. And that’s why it took me a lot to figure it out because there’s not much talk about this I see in the terms of practicality, business-building mode.

There’s follow your passion, follow your this, follow you’re that. And it’s, for me, that that lost practicality because the reality here is why to follow that is because the things that you really want are going to start clicking into place, and it’s going to be less of trying to force things to work and more of going with this stream of life that’s really pulling you forward to go in that direction. We’ve just got to let go here sometimes and tune into what’s the fuel here.

Final Thoughts

So, to wrap this message up today is to evaluate where do you feel that fuel in your life? And to explore where do you feel that. And then sometimes you might not be feeling the fuel for a certain thing, and sometimes it doesn’t always mean going to another thing. Sometimes it means tweaking the arrangement. Tweaking the vision of that thing, and then boom, it lights up again, and it’s charging forward. So that’s my message for today. Follow your fuel and kick a lot of ass in the process.