An Invite-Only Community of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

We Are on Mission to Create More

Freedom and Prosperity in the World

TrueFreedom Software Helps You Easily Access Flow State 

So You Naturally Create Freedom with Ease

“In a 10 year study, top executives report being 5x more productive when in flow”

Love Your Work

Free Up Your Time

Increase Your Impact

We are on a Mission to

Free 1 Billion People By 2050

We believe True Freedom is creating wealth with what you love to do

Step 1

1 Billion People
Create Wealth with
What They Love to Do

Step 2

Each Person Contributes to a Global Goal that Resonates with Them (there are 17 set by the United Nations)

Step 3

Achieve the 17 Global Goals so Humanity Reaches Global Abundance by 2100

Let’s Create a Wealthy Planet Together

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Our Community Code

The Values We Live By

Are We Purpose-Driven?

Focusing on making the world a better place

Are We Laughing?

Having some fun and remembering to not take our selves too seriously

Are We Giving?

The infinite stream of abundance is ever flowing, why not share


Are We Listening?

One sided convos are lame


Are We a Team?

We can do more together, let’s play to win

The Method

Gamifying Your Path to True Freedom

TrueFreedom Creates a

Bubble of Freedom Around You

As your business rises to

greater and greater impact

Step 1: Follow the Software


Step 2: Access Flow State


Step 3: Create Maximum Value
with Ease


“I believe only 1% of decisions matter. The rest of them are irrelevant.

The difficulty is understanding which 1% of the 99% are the ones that matter.”

-Naval Ravikant

Founder of with
$2.5+ Billion Assets Under Management


Software for Your Talents

Personalize Your Genius

Personality Typing

– Personalized Strategies

– Tailored Made Coaching

– Based on Your True Self

Freedom Calendar

Calendar Sync

– Identify “drag” holding you back

– Weekly results

– Weekly coaching and progress

Freedom Calendar

Weekly Focus

– Identify Your “Highest Impact Task”

– Maximize Your Impact in Less Time

– Weekly Tracking


Coaching for Your Business

Mastermind Calls

Live Weekly Webinar for Freedom Instincts

– Clear Your Subconscious “Freedom Blocks”

– Hone Your Instincts for Higher Levels of Freedom and Income

– Personalized Each Week to the Attendees Present

System Upgrade

Weekly Review of
Your Progress

– Weekly Strategy Video for You Specifically Chosen for Your Next Step

– Streamline Your Schedule, Systems and Team

– Simplify for What is Essential and Let Go of the Rest

Coaching Calls

Personal Coaching Calls

– Laster-Targeted Efficiency for Your Business

– Identify the $100,000+ /hour activities hiding within the $100 /hour activities

– Personalized Guidance for the Most Simple Steps to Greater Freedom

Our Goal is to…

Make it 5x Easier for You to Fulfill Your Mission

Our Community

Is a Living, Breathing Ecosystem

Let’s Innovate Together to Make It 5x Easier to Fulfill Your Mission

Yearly Membership

You will feel uncomfortable letting go… but you’ll increase your efficiency

You will feel your self worth triggered… but you’ll create more value with less effort

You will feel like it’s too easy… but you’ll gain your freedom

Check Out the Case Studies

Dan Russell, the owner of the marketing agency
Vivid Labs went from...

50+ hours a week ⮕ 10 hours a week

In less than 90 Days

...and doubled his income

Dan Russell

Dan Russell

Founder, Vivid Labs

Which gave him the time to devote to his True Calling,
which was guiding him to write his book...

Grant Cardone's team caught wind of his book and now he's consulting as the Chief Revenue Officer (and future equity partner) for Grant Cardone's 10X Incubator

Tim Wolf

Tim Wolf

Founder: Academy Incubator

Freed Up 30 Hours a Week While Increasing His Income and Having Clients Thanking Him for His Impact with Them

Brenda Mathisen

Brenda Mathisen

Founder: Embodied Power

Freed Up 30 Hours a Week to Do What She Loves

Michael Mathis

Michael Matthes

Founder: Crossfit M2

Went from 50 Hours a Week
to 5 Hours a Week...
Moved to Miami

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia

Gatr Trucking

Freed Up 30 Hours and Increased His Income

The Founder

Hi, I’m Sebastian Cruze
The Founder of TrueFreedom

I help purpose driven teams
free up their time and energy
by working in Flow State

○ Went from 100 Hours a Week to 1 Hour a Week (marketing agency)

○ 10 Years of Self-Made Passive Income (which gave time to dive into the spiritual)

Discovered Life Mission at 24 (help raise consciousness to create Global Abundance)