We Help Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs…

Grow Scalable Income with What You Love to Do…
While Having a

Peaceful Schedule

Use The Council Method to Create Your Purpose Driven Sales Funnel
So You Can Fulfill Your Calling with Purpose and Profit

(Our specialty is innovative spiritually-based products)

Grow Your Wealth

Grow Your Impact
Create True Freedom

Do You Have a Purpose Driven Sales Funnel

For Your Business?

“Cracking the Code” for a Purpose Driven Sales Funnel
is a Whole Different Ball Game



What precise desires (Purpose and Profit) does your Ideal Client have?



What does your Ideal Client need to hear (Purpose and Profit) to be excited to buy?



What type of systems (Purpose and Profit) do you need for client success and your personal freedom?

If You Left the Earth Today…

Would You Be Satisfied with What You Left the World?

Don’t Let Not Having a Purpose Driven Sales Funnel
Hold Your Mission Back

We’re here to put a
dent in the universe
otherwise why else even be here?

– Steve Jobs

The Solution

A Council of Powerful Allies

Creating Your Purpose Driven Sales Funnel

is Based on Two Pillars…


Sebastian Cruze is on a Mission to Help Humanity
Achieve Global Abundance by 2100 AD

○ Self-Made Passive Income for Nearly 10 Years

○ Studied the Personalities of 100+ Geniuses

○ Combined Research with Mentor’s Spiritual System
with 10,000+ Case Studies


Dan Russell is on a Mission to Bring
Ethics and Effectiveness to the Marketing Industry

○ Generated for Clients Over $50 Million Dollars

○ Studied and Tested 47 NeuroTactics

○ 10+ Years of Happy Clients and Case Studies

Inspired by the Best
Business Incubators…

Combined with Our Proprietary
“Purpose with Profit” Research and Technology

The most important thing for any entrepreneur is to find...

Founder-Product-Market Fit.

- Naval Ravikant

Founder of AngelList.com with
$2.5+ Billion Assets Under Management

– Phase 1 –

Simplify Your Product

The Right Product

the service that is best suited for your genius

The Right Audience

the people that are best suited for your genius

The Right Freedom

the schedule that is best suited for your genius

– Phase 2 –

Simplify Your Marketing

The Right Category

the unique category you can own with your genius

The Right Marketing

the platform that is best suited for your genius

The Right Sales

the conversion that is best suited for your genius

– Phase 3 –

Simplify Your Systems

The Right Team

surround yourself with the right people for your genius

The Right Automation

the technology that is best for your genius

The Right Efficiency

the KPI’s that are best suited for your genius

– Phase 4 –

Simplify Your Expansion

The Right Allies

the joint ventures that are best suited for your genius

The Right Ecosystem

create the ecosystem that is best suited for your genius

The Right Growth

the rhythm that is best suited for your genius

– Program Delivery –

Live Weekend Events

3 Day Weekend Council Events Each Quarter in Phoenix, Arizona

Live Group Calls

Group Council Calls for Weekly Progress and Feedback

1-on-1 Coaching

Laser-Targeted Guidance with Sebastian


“This has been the best asset for steady progress in the right direction.”

Dan Russell

Member of 4.8 Years


“Consistent feedback has been so essential for faster business growth.”

Brenda Mathisen

Member of 2.25 Years


“Having allies around me I can truly trust has brought a clear ROI.”

Michael Matthes

Member of 3 Years

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New Members Are Voted In

Applicants with the Following Qualities
Are Most Likely to Be Accepted

 Your business generates at least $250k / year

 Your clients love their results and rave about working with you

You have a mission to change the world with your innovative purpose driven product

You’ve been a full-time business owner for 5+ years

You’ve spent 5+ years deeply connecting to your spirituality (whichever that means to you)

The Value

Scale Your Income with Peace and Ease

The Goal is to Create Your

Purpose Driven Sales Funnel

That Generates an Extra…



a month

(to start)



a year

Investment Options

True Freedom Awaits You

We are Sold Out for 2021!

Seats Open Up in 2022 

The Absolute Alignment Guarantee

Absolutely Love Your 1st Event
Or Your Money Back 100% 

Plus $1,500 for Flights, Hotels & Food 

We Stand by Our Voting Process to Only Allow in Members
Who are Highly Aligned with the Energy of Our Council

For Spiritually Guided Entrepreneurs on a Mission of Service:

I’m so confident you will absolutely love the power and alignment with our council… that if you don’t, just let me know sometime before 5pm on Day 3 (Sunday) of your first event… and I will first refund your investment 100% at the next break

(100% the full program amount if it was paid in full or 100% the payment plan amount paid to date)

Then on top of that I will immediately send you a $1,500 PayPal… and then remove you from all bonuses.

We’ll part as friends because I’d rather you be “wowed” with your experience with Absolute Alignment for anything you invest in with DecodeYourGenius®… so if you don’t feel that way, then I want you to have your investment back!


Launch Pad VIP Day

5 Hour Zoom or in Phoenix, AZ Workshop Day with Sebastian to Launch Your “Purpose with Profit” Sales Funnel with Speed

What’s it worth to get your funnel foundation streamlined and ready to launch before the end of the year?

$2,5000 Value

Create a Purpose Driven Sales Funnel
With a Council of Allies