Welcome, comrades. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here and I’m here to help you live your life’s greatest world. Today, we are going to hop into discovering the map of your life’s greatest work. 

If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s my purpose? What am I here for? What’s my passion?”, this is the map that answers all of that. It’s the map that unlocks the path of you living your life’s greatest work, where your passion, your profit, and your purpose all unite in your business, so that you’re making the impact that means most to you, and you’re becoming the person that you were born to become.

Discovering the Map Of Your Life’s Greatest Work

I’m exceptionally excited to share this map with you, because when it was first introduced in my life, it came to me at a point where my first business had grown, and grown, and grown, and grown, and grown, and I had the opportunity to listen and dive deeper into this map. But at that point in time I knew everything in the world, and things were going great anyways, so I kept doing what I was doing. 

Well, I was heading in the wrong direction of my life’s greatest work. Lo and behold, what happened is that business imploded, and the 25 full time team members that I had in that business I had to let go of. The revenue gaining months that we kept growing, and growing, and growing, all of a sudden disappeared, and I was stripped of everything.

During that time that’s when I realized that no matter how much money I made, no matter what I achieved in the world, if I wasn’t doing my life’s greatest work, if I wasn’t living the purpose that I was meant to live, then there was no f***ing point. It didn’t matter. 

So, in that moment, that lowest moment, where I even thought of taking my own life, that’s where I connected to the importance of me doing my life’s greatest work. 

Now, fast forward many years later, after I’ve studied many different modalities to help people with this. That is why I am on a mission to help every person who’s ready to live their life’s greatest work and make the impact, make an endless impact with their business that can extend decades, and decades, and decades beyond when you’re gone. Endless impact. That’s what I’m talking about.

Developing Your Unique and Genius Patterns

In this map that I’m about to show you, is encoded the answers to all of the challenges that you’ve encountered in your life up until now. Encoded within this map are your unique, genius patterns that are waiting to be cultivated, waiting to be developed. 

As you develop these patterns, your life starts to harmonize in an entirely new way, where everything is unified towards a single mission that absolutely lights you up with passion and practical power. 

As you can see, it was incredibly powerful for me, and as I’ve shared this with so many entrepreneurs, with so many six figures, seven figure business leaders, even up to business leaders managing $50 million of revenue per year, as you can see in the endorsements on this page. 

It is incredibly powerful, incredibly practical, and incredibly useful for an entrepreneur who’s ready to f***ing finally do their life’s greatest work. So, let’s hop into them.

Recognizing the Patterns And Providing Solutions

In this map you’re going to see some interesting looking symbols. You’re going to see some numbers. What does that mean? Well, each of these symbols is encoded with the reoccurring challenges that you go through. 

Maybe you’ve gone through certain challenges in your life where you’re like, “Hm. I’ve been through this before. It’s the same theme, but it’s just a different place and a different face.” 

If you’ve ever felt that, in this map is encoded what exactly those patterns are. If we don’t know those patterns, it’s pretty f***ing hard to overcome them, but when we know those patterns, it’s more easy to recognize them and then provide solutions. Why is that important?

It’s important, because then you start building the skills that your life’s greatest work requires. Each of these symbols is a specific theme with many different assets to it that can help you grow quicker and faster on your life’s greatest work. Each of these symbols correlates to a number. 

In this map that’s what all this information it. As all of these come together, it is the direction of your life’s greatest worker. That’s why I’m here is to help you decode your genius, decode this map, so you can bring into your business practical, usable insights that quickens your journey to do what you were really born to do.

Decoding Life’s Greatest Work…

So, if you’d like to get your own personalized map in a mini reading from myself to share one of these themes, one of these symbols, we’ll dive into in the mini reading, then go ahead and click the button below, and let’s take a look at your personalized map. 

Let’s start decoding your genius, so that you can live your life’s greatest work, not some time in the future, not when you’ve got X amount of money in the bank, so that you can start living your life’s greatest work sooner, rather than later. I’ll see you on the next step. Sebastian Mychel Cruze. Take care.