Hello comrade. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here. And I was just on a Zoom call with a dear friend of mine and a question came up and I gave an answer to that question and he was like, “You know what? You need to stop the video right now and you need to make a video and post it on Facebook and share the message that you shared with me right now.”

The Feeling of Fear

Here we are and the question was about this person feeling some fear around their vision. They had done some different processes and they’ve connected deeper to their purpose and the size of that purpose, and then they could feel that it was so true in every cell of their body. 

There was no question that like, “Wow. This is what I’m here to do. And if I continue to apply myself and get better and better and better, this is the trajectory that I can make on this planet.” That’s what he was going through. And the expansiveness of it felt a bit scary. Felt a bit like h*** s***, that’s not only a lot to do. But that’s a lot to make an impact on humanity.

Understanding Your Vision in Life

I have a couple things to share with you today. 

Your Purpose

Number one is, what is your purpose?  What is your vision for yourself? 

What is your vision for the impact that you can make in your lifetime? Does that vision scare you? Do you feel like “Wow. If I continue to apply myself, this is the impact that I can make on my community. I can make with my business. I can make in the world. This is the impact that I can make on history.” but at the same time feel scared?

If your vision doesn’t scare you, then it’s time to level that vision and look for something greater. Because, believe it or not, an incredible vision that’s much bigger than any of us even realize is within each of us. If you’re not looking at your vision and thinking, “Whoa. We got a lot of work to do here. Like this is some big time stuff.” 

Dig Dipper

When you’re not feeling that about yourself, then go deeper. Swim deeper into your vision because it’s in there. Every one of us has a seed within that is encoded with a grand vision. It would be nice if we just came out of the womb and knew everything. Knew our whole vision. Wouldn’t that’d be nice? But really, it’s an iterative process of expanding more and more and more and more, okay?

If you’re in a position, connect deeper to the point where you’re like, “Wow. I feel some nervousness because it’s a lot to do.” Okay? Because if we’re going to make an impact on this planet, if you want to make an impact on this planet, then why not make it the biggest you can be? 

Make a Plan

Second thing is, if you’re the type of person that’s going through what he was going through, which is you’re doing work on yourself, you’re developing deeper and deeper in your purpose. 

You’re like, “Wow. Okay. I have the opportunity over time to really make a big, big, big, big change in a really big change.” If you’re in that position, this is what I shared with him. I said, “Imagine it’s like whatever’s beyond here. Our souls before we came into this planet. It’s like we’re looking at the plan of what we want to accomplish here.”

And I believe that everybody does this before they come here. Now do most people do their plan? No. But if you do make sure that it’s memorable even after you’re gone. It’s like we’re looking at this plan and we’re like, “Okay, well, you know this is the specific passions I have, the specific tools that I have. This is what I want to create.”

And he was saying that it was like, “Well man, I kind of maybe feel some anger. Why’d I have to pick something so big?” And my perspective is like I was trying to understand but I was like, I really can’t because I feel like if you have the tools and you’re sitting as a soul before coming here and you’re like, “Okay, I care about improving humanity. I care about helping the work,” then it’s like, “Well, let’s just fucking go as big as we can and make the most amount of change in this short 70, 100 years that we’re on this planet.” That’s how I feel.

Make Your Mark

What type of changes are we going to do here? Yes, having business is good that helps customers. That’s great. But here’s the reality 10 years from now the leaders in the industry, if you fast forward in time will be gone. 

It will be like, “Oh who?” People don’t even know.

I experienced this when I was at an internet marketing seminar and it was high profile guru in the early 2000’s. I think it was 2005, something like that. That’s when he was a guru. But then he went through some things and then went out of the public eye and then now, I think at that point it was like 2016, 2017, nobody knew who he was. It was like an OG of internet marketing. One of the big wigs and then fast forward I think like 10 years, nobody knew who he was. Maybe 5% of the audience knew who he was.

That was a big lesson to me. I was like, “Damn. Damn. Okay. Well here’s a person that made a lot of money, helped a lot of people and then, boom, gone.” Imagine what’s going to happen 100 years from now. Well, tell you what, a lot of people can be helped and that’s great, that’s fantastic, but what really gives me the juice and I feel like we all should be focused on, is like what’s going to really create endless impact? What’s going to create immortal impact that continues to impact on and on, until we’re, much after we’re gone.

Achieve Something Greater than Great

Because man, we create a lot of value but it goes back to normal right after you’re gone from this planet, was it really mission success? Was it really mission complete? What I took a stand for was it okay? Let’s take a look into the value that we’re doing. Instead of just helping humanity, how can we change its course to give the future generations a better world? How do we heal it? That’s what I encourage with your vision, to connect to something that’s near and dear to your heart. 

Like we all have the same goal, the same inner drive. Let’s raise the consciousness of humanity so we can stop being problematic to each other and start living better. You probably have that inner drive. I know you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Within that one drive there’s different avenues to help you achieve your goal. Your tools and your passions might be of help. They’re going to be helping different people. We all have our own causes that we can contribute to within that.

Within your cause, within your way of helping people become better, are two things. Number one is how can it create real change so it’s not just a band-aid? How can it actually heal the wound? And how can we put the things in place so that hundreds of years from now, 500 years from now things are still improved and feeling the impact of what you did? Personally, I’ll just say it for the record; it doesn’t matter if anybody remembers me 500 years from now. But, it’s not about that.

It’s like, people who care about if your name’s going to live on, it’s like, well, what do you think you’re going to be? On the other side like dead and just being like, “People are talking about me. I must have done it right back in, you know when I lived on earth.” It’s like who cares. But, it’s like if you really want to live with an impact, then it’s like well if we’re doing this to create impact for humanity then what’s the point if the impact just washes away 100 years from now?

To Sum It Up

That’s what I’m sharing today is I’m inspiring you to connect to your vision. What’s the endless impact component of it? What can continue to grow and grow and grow and grow so that the impact isn’t washed away? And that’s what I really feel is like the mission here is to create so much value that it lives on even when we’re gone. And regardless if anybody knows your name, knows your company name, knows your whatever, if everything is washed away with the sands of time, which 99.95% of humans are just washed away with time. The memory’s gone. We’ll remember a few people. But most of us, everything’s going to be washed away.

But what is the impact that’s going to continue on? It’s like, say you’re on the other side. You pass on and wherever that ends up being it’s like, you have that inner feeling, that “Man, my life not only created value but it changed the trajectory and now people who don’t even know my name, who will never know my name, are experiencing the impact of that every day.” Now that sounds and feels and absolutely is mission accomplished.