A 90 Day Group Accelerator to

Turn Your Business into a Freedom Machine

So You Can Launch Your Life Mission

Work Less • Earn More • Achieve Traction

Identify Your Profit Zone

Automate What Matters

Let Go of the Rest

Does Your Business Feel Like a “Ball and Chain

Holding You Back from Your Life Mission?

You’re grateful for the money your business makes…
But it costs you so much time and energy


“Why do unexpected expenses keep eating away my gains?”


“Why do new hires and campaigns always end up costing me more time?”

“It’s not enough to have lived.

We should be determined to
live for something.” 

– Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister During WWII

Your Life Mission is Pulling at You…

But You Can’t Give It The Attention It Needs

You feel split between…

Your money-maker and
your mission
Your business and
your deeper purpose

The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.

– Steve Jobs

Turn a Burden Business into a Freedom Machine

Simplify your business to increase your profits

The Best Asset for Your Life Mission

Is a Money-Making Business on Autopilot

Streamline Your Business into a Freedom Machine

That Funds Your Life Mission

1. Free Your Time

2. Free Your Money

3. Free Your Energy

The 6 Step Journey

Your Freedom Machine is 90 Days Away

Delivery for The Freedom Machine

Accelerator Program

Online Course

Bite-Sized Lessons that are Easy to Implement

Online Sessions

Group Masterminds for Weekly Progress and Feedback

1-on-1 Coaching

Laser-Targeted Guidance with Sebastian

The 6 Steps in The Freedom Method


Sovereign Leverage

Optimize your business model for peaceful freedom


Sovereign Profit

Focus on your
highest leverage product


Sovereign Systems

High value, low touch systems for freedom


Sovereign Team

Align incentives for your
team to lead themselves


Sovereign Efficiency

Gracefully let go
of wasteful activities


Sovereign Living

Protect your freedom,
protect your profitability

Investment Options

Your Masterpiece Awaits You

Real Case Studies

Become the Influential Genius You Were Born to Be


10 Hour Work Week While Doubling Profits

Dan Russell


Doubled Profit
While Working Less

Brenda Mathisen


5 Hour Work Week and Moved to Miami

Michael Matthes

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The Bonuses

Accelerate Your Results

The Lightbody Activations

A Method That is Like
Rocket Fuel for Your Life Mission

 Awaken Your True Self

Activate Your Gifts

 Fulfill Your Life Mission

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$2,500 Value

– Advanced Bonus –

The 2-Hour Work Week

Take Your Freedom to the Next Level with the Strategies and Tactics to Achieve the 2 Hour Work Week for Your Business

 Online Video Modules with Bite-Sized Lessons

Give Yourself the Ability to Have Multiple Freedom Machine Businesses

$1,000 Value

Photo Credit: Shea Rouda

– Royal Bonus –

Lightbody Skills: Level 1

You Will Gain New Abilities Once You’ve Completed the Lightbody Technology… Learn How to Use Your New Abilities to
Follow the Path of Least Resistance to Your Goals

 Online Video Modules with Bite-Sized Lessons

Move Mountains in Your Life
with Speed and Ease

$1,000 Value

The Promise

Core Values for Lifelong Camaraderie


we do what we say and say what we do


if we make mistakes, we own it & balance it


we are here to see you win, we believe in your genius


we strive to simplify
so we can multiply

What’s Your Masterpiece?

The World Needs What You Have to Share

You think of your Global Vision quite a bit…

When you finish your life… you want to smile with a sigh of relief
because you created the impact-machine
that will continue long after you’re gone, you’ll know… 

Your Masterpiece is Complete

And you’re proud of who you became in the process…

You enjoyed your life,
while making the difference you were born to make.

Unfortunately though,
many people die with their masterpiece still left inside

Will that be you?

The Founder

Sebastian Cruze

Sebastian helps leaders create True Freedom 
so they can achieve their Life Mission 

Built and Lost Multi-Six Figure Agency at 21

Discovered Life Mission at 24

Built Freedom Machine at 25

Leader of 250+ Council Sessions Before 30

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Once upon a time I was in a similar place... except I was working 100 hours / week in my 1st business

I knew I had a big mission of service to do… 

Yet there I was... slaving away to a business (ahem… prison) of my own creation

Well the way I saw it, my path to the promised land of True Freedom and living my mission of service…

Was more team, more marketing campaigns, more clients

Boy was I wrong, it just added more and more weight to the business…

More complexity for me to drown in…

Thankfully I stumbled upon a tool a Wise Old Mentor shared with me…

It showed me my “Unique Path for Freedom” and how I create True Freedom by just focusing on my mission… and letting go of the rest

I was intrigued!

Slowly I started implementing the steps… (took me longer than it should have because I didn’t believe it at first 🤦🏻‍♂️)

Well low and behold people started doing their work (correctly lol) with less supervision…

(I could barely believe the same people I was about to fire were actually doing… well, good 😳)

I realized there were products we were selling that were not a part of my path…

(I was afraid of letting them go but wow… what a relief it ended up being 💆🏻‍♂️)

I realized what I truly love to do and who I truly am… which helped me know exactly how to simplify the business

I was amazed, things changed in a full 180…

My “100 work week” turned into “1 hour a week” or less…

Which gave me the Freedom and Finances to fully dive into my passion…

Exploring what made me feel alive and free…

Then I followed the passion I felt to start my 2nd business of helping spiritually guided entrepreneurs who have a mission of service like you…

“Create True Freedom with Your Mission of Service”

Would you like help with that?

Let’s continue to the next section where I can share more about the tool with you

Sample Content

Sebastian’s Story

Aligning My Business with My Life Mission

17: 11x’ed $2k Investment in Stocks (Sirius XM)

21: 1st $2.5k Passive Income Week (YouTube)

21: Multi-Six Figure Agency Business

22: Lost it All (Wanted to End My Life)

24: Multi-Six Figure SEO Business with 15 Hour Week

24: Discovered Life Mission (Heard The Voice)

25: 4 Hour Work Week for SEO Business

25: Launched Exclusive Life Mission Mastermind Focused on Global Influence

27: 2 Hour Work Week for SEO Business

28: Launched Cutting-Edge DecodeYourGenius® Software

29: Pioneered Accelerated Plan to Global Abundance

29: Opened Up a Handful of New Seats for Mastermind

Create Your Freedom Machine
With Aligned Allies