Welcome, Sebastian Mychel Cruze here, and today we’re tackling a pretty light topic and that is the topic of your purpose. What’s the point of all of this? I know, very light stuff. However, I’m going to share a diagram that I believe communicates very clearly. It answers a lot of questions because if you’re going through a tough time right now and you’re thinking, what’s the point of this? What’s the point of my life? What’s the point of these struggles I’m going through? What’s the point of these challenges? If you’re in a scenario like that or if you’ve ever been in a scenario like that, then this is a diagram that helps give some answers to that. So I’m going to pull up a diagram right here.

What’s Your Life Purpose?

Okay, so this is the path of your life’s work and this has been called many different things. Your purpose, your reason for living. What happens is you can imagine that we’re not actually creating anything new here and I’m just going to share a school of thought with you. If it works for you, treat it like a buffet. If it works for you, take it. If it doesn’t, just leave it there. I’ll preface that by saying that the way of thinking that modern society is in is that, we’re all alone, that we’re not connected to anything, and that we’re in this dog eat dog world, that we got to just get enough. We’ve got to take enough to hopefully have enough and then protect that stuff that we have so we can hopefully be safe and secure.

That’s the underlying psychology of modern life. This other model that I shared with you is a different way of approaching life and see if it works for you. So imagine that this golden line, now turning to blue, is the path of your life’s work. That as you go through your life, you’re getting the experiences, the challenges, the knowledge that can form together to bring you to a point where you’re able to just do what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to do the things that are you most passionate about, the cause that’s most dear to your heart. Supposed to fucking do what every cell of your body was made to do. As we go on this path though, what happens is that oftentimes we start diverging and this is where we start making decisions purely based on the mind and not based on the intuition of the fuel that’s in our chest.

Giving Your Life Purpose

We would call it the heart. People call it the fuel that’s guiding us to our life’s work. When that’s not integrated, the mind can take us off in these different areas. This is where we’re forcing things, and just like it says there, its temporary gains. It’s a taking experience, of trying to take from each other, as opposed to following your own path, of shining your own light. It can very much feel like going against the grain of life and is forcing things forward. Oftentimes in business, that manifests as just doing things for the money but not doing what’s really important to you. So usually, like I shared in my videos, most people don’t follow the signs to follow the fuel of their life’s work. They keep going down this red path. For myself, this was a path where I was completely disconnected to anything down here.

I don’t even know that it was different fuel. I just knew that all there was my mental capacity. I didn’t know that there was intelligence here. So I was going in a totally different direction and being very stubborn and being very committed, was going in a different direction. Typically what happens is people have things that shake them in their life and the more they don’t listen, the bigger the shaking becomes. That’s an opportunity to change directions. This is where people have the questions, why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Or maybe this is all I deserve; this is what I’m going to be the rest of my life. When in reality it’s this opportunity to start following the path of your life’s work. As you start following the fuel in here, you start realizing where you’re feeling pulled to go towards.

Follow Your Passion

Then it starts putting you back on this path, and as time goes on and you start learning how to follow that fuel more and more and more, it doesn’t just happen overnight. But as a person does that, they start getting more in sync with the path of their life’s work. This is what some people call it alignment. It’s where mind, body, and spirit are all unified going towards the same place. It’s a very powerful thing. The most powerful people that have created history in this world, that’s what they exhibited. That’s what they were, that’s they became, is where unified alignment in their power speaks to this day. So the practical application of that is that’s feeling in flow. That can sound soft. But it’s like when you’re in the zone, it’s like when athletes are in the zone and they have that mind, body, spirit connection that merges towards one goal, what happens? They do incredible things and it feels effortless. Not saying you don’t have to work, but when you’re in that peak zone performance, that’s what happens. You know that, and I know that.

So really this is like getting in the zone for life and it’s something that takes practice. It takes a different way of learning what that fuel is for yourself. Ultimately as we go more and more on this path, things start lining up, new allies, timing opportunities, long term real power flows through. So as you’re going through this in your life, and if you’re thinking these things as I shared in the video, why is this happening to you? This is what you’ve got. 

Final Thoughts

Each of us has our own path, our life’s work. When I work with people and I see their own psychology profiles that I run for them, I see the song of their life. I see the beautiful poetry of all these different experiences that they had in childhood and adulthood that’s preparing them to follow this path. It’s as different for each person as there are fingerprints for each person. So keep this in mind, and wherever you are on this, follow that and connect. Get into the lane of your path of your life’s work.