Hello there comrade! Sebastian Mychel Cruze here, from decodeyourgenius.com.

I’m here to help you live your life’s greatest work. Today’s video is gonna start off with a question. It’s a bit of a personal question, and the question is “Have you lost the passion in your business? Have you lost the fire that used to have in your business?”

If this describes you, then this video is exactly for you. I’m going to describe and share with you the mechanics of exactly; 

  • why that’s happening 
  • how to reclaim back the fire that used to have 

So, you can take your business to the next step.

Understanding the Levels of Consciousness

The diagram, that I’m going to share with you, comes from Sir David Hawkins MD PhD. What he discovered through scientific case studies is that human beings have a certain range of emotional states that they’re in. Those emotional states are directly linked to their ability to produce. The higher they are up on this scale, the more passion, fire and energy that carries their business forward. The little lower they are on this scale, the harder it is to make business gains. 

Let’s take a look at the typical journey that an entrepreneur and travels upon when they’re going through personal development. You can see on this diagram, we’ve got emotions on the left hand side and then we have the rating scale, which you need to know how this rating scale is created. The lower the scale the harder life becomes. The higher the scale, the easier it becomes to live your life’s greatest work. The easier it becomes to combine passion, profit, and purpose in your business.

On the middle point they also have certain notes is that when a person is in. Say, in this area they are suffering a lot. What that means is, when a person is predominantly in those emotional states they have to work extremely hard to get any type of gains in their business. As they go up, it gets easier and easier to deliver value and make money with their business.

Getting the Flow Zone

We all have had an experience in our lives when we were in the zone we achieve more.  We see this all the time with professional athletes with Olympic athletes. It’s those moments, where they’re just in the zone and they’re flowing, it’s almost like automatic and they’re performing an incredibly high level. 

This is the scientific mechanics of what happens to a human being when they’re in that zone. They’re higher up this scale, and whatever they’re focusing their intention on becomes a unity of mind body and spirit that flows powerfully for that outcome.

 So in your business in your life, as you’re going along the journey of personal development, the path here is moving up higher and higher up on the scale.

Each of us were gonna have high days, low days and often times days will have multiple different emotions in them. For using this scale, it’s the average of what you experience in a day. The average of what you experience in your week. That’s connected to the flow zone that happens in your business, just like an athlete .

How the Scale Works

Let’s take a look at why, you’re not feeling the passion you’re not feeling the fire in your business.

That’s because it’s actually an indicator of something very positive. As an entrepreneur starts, they usually start their business in maybe shame. Shame of not having enough. Shame of not having things that they wanted growing up. So, they want to create a business to cover up that feeling.

Or perhaps they start out with fear. Fear of “if I don’t create something with my life then no everyone’s gonna think I’m stupid”,  something like that. It also can be with anger. You know we see this everywhere “F*** you haters! I’m gonna show you!” 

As we can see, it gets the person out of the suffering zone just by a little bit, and gets them into the getting-by zone. hey start getting into courage,  courage of taking risks in your business staking betting on yourself.

You can see how a person starts moving up this scale, and then as they move up, their business is going a bit better,  they have more freedom neutrality happens. 

This is the tipping point, and this is why entrepreneurs as the grow along their path, the tip point, the passion is gone. This is a sign of:

  •  A – you’re on the right path, you’re doing the right thing . 
  • B  – this is a time really connect to your life’s greatest work,  

That’s the way to move on to the next step I mean connect to your life’s greatest work . What happens is that a person starts moving up the scale, and things start flowing in their life more easier, more powerful. Then we start going up to these emotions peace, love, and joy which sounds soft to a lot of people. How is peace, love and joy powerful?

Let’s take a look at it in the realm of athletics. The peace is when the mind finally stops all the different thinking of:

  • What if I mess up? 
  • What if I do this?

All that constant chatter. In sinks down into a presence of being completely present with the task that brings a certain peace.

The joy, is when a person the joy just being connected to something in producing phenomenal results. The love, you hear it all the time  the love of the game, a lot of times with love it’s misunderstood, only one half of the equation with love is spoken about – love in terms of compassion or helping people. There’s also the other side of love that is incredibly powerful when you’re so connected to something that you care about. 

That’s why athletes will practice, and practice, and practice beyond the normal range that normal people will do. You, when you’re in your business you’re connected to the vision of what it is, whatever that vision might be for your business, and you love that vision  and you’re excited you’re motivated.

That’s when you connect the power of love.  Now, power moves forward very quickly. This is the mechanics of getting your mojo back. As you connect to your life’s greatest work that naturally has those top emotions in it. 

It has the power of love, because it’s a cause that you really care about. It has the joy because it combines your passions and the things you love to do. It unlocks peace of knowing that your life has a powerful meaning that you’re seeing the results of what you care about and what everything in your life has culminated to. 

This is the mechanics of being in the zone, just like athletes do it in their sport. So in our business, the goal here is to be connected to our life’s greatest work to such a degree that more and more of our daily life feels like we’re being in the zone.

Instead of just being this thing that we sporadically feel once in a while, it starts being a practical measurable, predictable mechanics of how to be in that optimal state.

To Wrap This All Up 

By nature, you feel like you lost your mojo means that you progressed up the scale and you’re at your tipping point. You’re at the halfway mark of B instead and of being pushed by fear pain shame. You’re starting to be called by the power of your vision, the power of your cause, and the power of everything you’ve done in your life. 

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