Leverage Your Genius

Dear High-Ticket Expert…


You have a high-ticket coaching business and

Your clients love you…

You are paid well…

You’ve made it right?!

Well YES



You’ve created the business that the “old you” dreamed of…

Being highly paid to deliver your greatest gifts.

You are a rockstar in business

You close deals

You’ve created a freedom lifestyle from nothing

You are the leading star in your business because nobody knows how to do what you do… better than you


and this is a huge BUT…

Your free-time has gone out the window.

Lifestyle…? What Lifestyle?!




(You’re too busy with coaching calls, enrollment calls, Facebook lives and a million other things)

Let’s face it, you work… ALOT.

You are so busy…

You don’t have the freedom you want

You are maxed out on your capacity

You’ve tried scaling (but it didn’t work)

You want a solution that is going to work

You want true freedom (and the money!)

You want your life back

You are THE STAR of your business.

The Leading ROLE in Your Show.

And that’s the PROBLEM…

Because if… God-Forbid… anything happens to you…


Your business comes to a screeching halt.

Your sweet, sweet cash dries up faster than you can say

“Lifestyle Freedom”.

But that will Never Happen to You right, after all… you take your expensive supplements every morning and your self care schedule is on point… right? 😉

Look here’s the deal,

It’s time for a change.

Your business owns you,

You are a highly paid employee right now.

(or do I say slave… yikes, I said it. At least you love what you do though!)

And you can’t do this forever (you can try though!)

And sooner or later you will break and so will your beautiful business that you’ve worked so hard to build.

So what are your options?

A. Keep Hustling Your Face Off Until you have a 6 Month Nest-Egg

(Good luck! See you back when you burn out at month 4.5)

B. Keep Reading and See the Precise Solution I Have That’s Designed for Exactly Where You Are At

(I’m sure there are other options, however you get the point 😉

But wait… who the hell am I?

Well, so nice of you to ask:


Your Freedom Facilitator,
Your Guide to Becoming A Leveraged Leader:

Sebastian Mychel Cruze


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Hello Comrade,

You know the drill – time to share my story with you – time to build some rapport, connection and understanding.

So gather round the fire, grab a warm drink and let’s hop down memory lane.


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Because the lessons I’m sharing here are from Direct Experience




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You see, once upon a time I was a young buck

full of ambition (need for significance)

and I started my digital marketing agency at the tender age of 19.

Soon I had dropped out of college to run my business full time

(story for a different time),

and during the next couple years we grew to 25 full time employees.

F***** Awesome Right?!





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I built a prison of my own design, I was a slave to my business

(not even well paid! Everyone earned more than me so I could “reinvest” back into the business)

And I worked my face off every hour that I could to keep the cash-sucking-machine afloat (I was 21 at the time).


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Do ever wish you could go back in time and

Smack the sense into yourself??


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I really didn’t know any better…

The solution I had been taught growing up was that when things got tough and rough…

The Answer was to Work Longer and Harder.

Which helped me achieve the things that I already… but wouldn’t get me to where I needed to go.

I distinctively remember…

That during this time period a time I was scheduled to go to an Under 30 Influencers mastermind out of the country.

I got to the airport and decided not to go…

and I stayed and didn’t say a single word to my team.









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Now your business isn’t this bad right?

You probably have at least 1-2 people hired….



:: crickets ::


Oh boy, well thank the heavens that there is a solution

(other than burning the time-sucking machine to the ground),

And I’ll get to it in a minute, however the next step is to share how I conquered the chaos (and how you can too 😀 )


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