Leverage Your Genius (S2)


My Darkest Days…


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So there I was…

Trapped in a Prison of My Own Design.

What happened next, is that the entire machine began dismantling and a person in particular who I’d seen as a trusted ally… revealed himself to not be so.

How exactly this happened is a very interesting story for a different time.

The nuts and bolts of it…

Was that I found myself 15 grand in debt, moving back in with my mom

(which by the way, for a boy with an ego… was an excruciatingly painful!!)

And I closed up shop for the web designing.

Which is when I sunk to my lowest point.

I knew that the web design business model was not what I wanted to do,

But I had no idea what other way I ought to focus on to make money and pay the ever mounting bills.

Then the day that I’ll never forget happened.

I was at downstairs area of my father’s house,

he was at work and my step stepmother and siblings were upstairs…

I was so broken down, crushed under looming debt and shattered dreams…

That I was on the floor, curled up in a the fetal position…

and sobbing with tears rolling down my face.

I felt like the entire weight of the world was crashing down,

Squeezing my face against the carpet.

Tears slid sideways across my face,

My lungs gasped for air,

Suffocating under the weight of my failures.

I thought to myself in between choking on tears

“All I want to do is help people and create a good life for myself and my team…

and this is just NOT working.”

I took a deep breath in, painfully coughing through tears:

“I just want to go home.

And this place, is not home.”

Of course I wasn’t talking about the house or the city…

And so there I was, laying there as a crushed and diminished shell of my former self…

My mind raced, zipping back and forth frantically searching for a way to end the pain.

A way to end the humiliation.

A way to end the shame.

A way to end the guilt.

A way to end the regret.

A way to end the failure.

That’s when I thought of killing myself.

With a ravenous hunger, my mind latched on and sought refuge in the hope of easing my agony.

I started of thinking of the best options,

which would be most feasible,

which would be most effective.

Back and forth,

Over and over…

My mind raced with the options.

Until suddenly… my mind stopped.

It knew the answer.

My body shuddered as the realization seeps down my body…

I won’t do it.

I can’t do it.

My mind digested the truth…

“No matter what I do, something deep inside me won’t ever let me take that final step.”

My eyes widened and my back cringed…

I spat through clenched teeth:


New tears burst out of my bloodshot eyes,

As the truth engulfed me like a straight jacket.

This was even more depressing

Because now I REALLY was stuck here…

A fucking slave to this painful prison.

My cells whispered in crushed submission: “I’m trapped… forever.”

I feebly shook, tearfully shuddering in the fetal position.

Silence, only broken by sobs, filled the air.


Something began boiling deep within me.

Like a geyser about to erupt…

Scalding hot energy surging in the pit of my stomach.

That’s when my eye went wide,

My breath stopped…

And it clicked.

I roared,

“You know what? FUCK IT. I know I’m here for a mission,

I know I’m here to make a massive Global impact.

And if I have to follow you Jesus into the Depths of Hell…


Because I know my mission,

I know what my soul is here to do,

and I know that accomplishing anything less that my soul mission is absolutely unacceptable.

And so as long as there is a breath in my body

I will move inch-by-fucking-inch forward,

as long long as I have a breath in my body… I will move forward.”

That’s when I became crystal clear and unyieldingly committed to my mission.

That is when I unleashed the Roaring Beast of My Relentless Resolve.

I didn’t know what precisely my purpose was then,

But I damn well knew, with every cell in my body,

That my life was unwaveringly committed to my soul mission.




In the name of my soul mission.

Or I would die trying.



Key Lessons Learned from The Darkness…
And How They Can Help You Win Back
Your Lifestyle Freedom


  • 1

    Business Model Selection

    The business model you choose is such a core key to your *Leveraged* Success. I had chosen the digital marketing agency model which was which required alot of people and alot of personal, unique time with every client. There was little to zero leverage. So if we wanted to grow… we needed more people. Which was expensive and time consuming.

  • 2

    Master One Thing FIRST (Then Build Upon That to Your Next Thing)

    I had chosen the digital marketing agency model where we did web design, funnel building, social media campaigns, graphic design… aka WAY TO MANY THINGS.
    Instead of honing ONE service and mastering it, we were always switching around to deliver whatever was sold.

  • 3

    Align with Your Genius Path and Life Purpose as Soon As Possible

    Being in your “Life Purpose Lane” and walking the path of your “Genius Type” will make things in your business and life so much smoother… otherwise expect unnecessary resistance.


The Rise…
Leveraging My Failures to Build My Freedom


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So there I was with no business and no income… what to do next?

Thankfully, this was around the time when two mystical mentors appeared in my life and started training me in how to Decode My Genius…

So I could begin maximizing my talents and living my purpose.

Now they are both on The Board of Advisors for Decode Your Genius.


Nicolas David Ngan

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Research Originator and Advisor

Genius Type: The Catalyst

Nicolas has clarified, refined and built the modern foundation for this work through many decades of research, testing and thousands of case studies. Nicolas continues to provide innovation, refinement and depth to the proven system.


Joseph ZatKiall Syverson

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Case Study Pioneer and Advisor

Genius Type: The Pioneer

Joseph continues to innovate this work through thousands of case studies of his own and continues to make many new discoveries of how this system intertwines with other successful esoteric knowledge and personality profiling systems.


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It was around the time that it dawned on me that the Most PASSIVE and Most LEVERAGED money I had ever made… was in SEO.

You see, in college I had figured out to how to rank youtube videos for high volume keywords and sell affiliate information products. I even got this up to $2k passive a week.

Why didn’t I continue?!?!

Well my brain was subconsciously wired to always have to work hard for money,

so I self sabotaged and instead focused my energy on the web design business which was waaaaaay more work for muchhhh less money.


And that’s why in every Decode Your Genius program, Subconscious Programming with one of

Our Genius Certified Subconscious Surgeons is included.

I’ll share more on that process in a minute,

So that’s what I wanted to create:

Leveraged, Systematic Wealth with VERY FEW staff to manage.

I wanted (needed) the SYSTEMS TO DO THE LIFTING…

instead of people on payroll.


And this is when Expansion Marketing was born:


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And Wham Bam in less than a year

It was a Lean, Mean, multiple six-figures per year machine.

(And still running to this day!!)

This company generates 4,000 – 6,000+ monthly local service leads all across the USA!


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And I had built the team and systems around me to average my role as around 4 hours a week in this business.

The funny thing is that even though I had heard of the 4 Hour Workweek…

But I’ve actually never read it.

I had just created this lifestyle freedom

Purely because it was my ONLY option

NO WAY could I live the life I had lived before!


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Which by the way, Expansion Marketing has recently niched down and we are focusing now specifically on SEO for the Yacht Charter niche.

Check it out!




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And these systems gave me The FREEDOM

to dive extremely deep into studying Esoteric Truths and Ancient Secret Society Teachings designed to accelerate a person’s personal power and abilities.

Some of these studies have taken me to ancient sacred sites like pictured below.

Which is how for the past 5+ years I’ve been Collecting, cultivating and refining the knowledge base foundation of the Decode Your Genius system.


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Now I’m on a Mission to Share

These Freedom-Creating,

Leverage-Producing Principles and Strategies

With YOU.

So You Can Explode Past Your Ceiling,

Skyrocket to Generous Multiple Six Figures

WHILE doing less

And having MORE Free-Time.



The Formula for Your Freedom


Build Your Freedom Team, Thrive in Your Zone
And Scale Your Empire

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