The Method for Your Subconscious Mind that is like…

Rocket Fuel for Your Life Mission

Heightened Clarity • Natural Momentum • Effortless Expansion

Awaken Your True Self

Activate Your Gifts

Fulfill Your Life Mission

Has Your Life Mission “Not Caught Up

To Your Vision?

You’re grateful for the success you’ve achieved…
But you know you’re only scratching the surface for your Life Mission


“I’ve grown so much… why isn’t my Life Mission farther along?”


“I’ve invested so much… why do these roadblocks keep getting in the way?”

“It’s not enough to have lived.

We should be determined to
live for something.” 

– Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister During WWII

Your Subconscious Mind is

Your silent Partner

Is It Helping You or Holding You Back?

“The subconscious mind is
a million times more powerful than the conscious mind…

we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”

– Dr. Bruce Lipton

Author of The Biology of Belief

An Aligned Subconscious Mind is

Like a Self-Driving Car for Your Life Mission

Naturally Leading You Forward on Your Life Mission

Navigating around roadblocks with the optimal route

Freeing up your time and energy for new opportunities

Giving you greater clarity for creative solutions

“The reason man may become the master of his own destiny…
is because he has the power
to influence his own
 subconscious mind.”

– Napoleon Hill

Author of Think and Grow Rich

Activate the 13 Critical Areas Required to

Align Your Subconscious with Your Life Mission

The more areas you activate…
The more natural momentum you feel for your Life Mission

1. Release

  • You feel your self-sabotage habits dissolve
  • The people around you change
  • You stop trying to be someone you’re not

2. Activate

  • You feel newfound calm & confidence
  • Your talents shine brighter
  • Your True Self takes the lead

3. Align

  • You progress forward with a sense of ease
  • You feel fulfilled with aligned allies around you
  • You feel “the wind at your back” supporting your Life Mission

The Journey

Align Your Subconscious with Your Life Mission

Steve Jobs famously travelled to India to find himself and seek spiritual inspiration…
Now you can find your True Self much faster (and easier) with The Lightbody Activations 
and accelerate your Life Mission at a fraction of the investment

Delivery for The Lightbody Activations

Online Video Activations

Pre-Recorded Video Sessions that Walk You Through Activating Specific Areas of Your Mind

Online Group Sessions

Weekly Office Hour Calls for Consistent Progress and Feedback

1-on-1 Coaching

Laser-Targeted Guidance with Sebastian

The Standards

Many Want this Power, Few Are Ready

Invite Only

Students Are Carefully Screened for Acceptance into the Lightbody Activations 

Only Business Owners & Professionals with at least 5 years of personal development experience,
plus ample experience with emotional therapy and/or shadow work are accepted.

This is NOT for everyone.

Only professionals fully committed to their Life Mission
even get close to the door of The Lightbody Activations… 

Because it will unlock and move massive energies in your unconscious,
so only a “whatever it takes” kind of leader is ready.

If you truly are ready to accelerate your Life Mission
and create your masterpiece… then keep reading.

The Right “YES” and the Right “NO”… at the Right Time

Spirituality isn’t spirituality unless it’s Practical, Grounded and Actionable. The Lightbody Activations get you in touch with your True North… then clear out the rest.

Anything that’s NOT a fit for your life’s greatest work, your instincts will say “Move on!”…
causing the right answers to show up at the right time, not a moment earlier or later.

The difficult conversations you need to streamline your business
move from “should do” to “done yesterday”.

The net result is your life and business jettisoning the deadweight slowing you down,
finding solutions to multiply your profit while reducing your work hours a week…
so you can go all in, pedal to the metal with your Life Mission Business. 

Fulfill Your Life Mission

If you know it’s your destiny to become an Influential Genius
and create a Life Mission Business that impacts the world for generations to come…
then The Lightbody Activations might be for you.

You must be prepared for changes… big changes in your life.

It takes an exceptional kind of person to make it this far, and we believe “supernatural forces” come to the aid of those who are unwavering in their commitment to doing good.

Investment Options

Your Masterpiece Awaits You

Real Case Studies

Become the Influential Genius You Were Born to Be


“I came to The Lightbody Activations (LBA’s) already deeply experienced with personal development and spiritual programs…

The LBA’s were so direct and powerful… going straight to my core and dissolving away so much invisible heaviness that had been weighing me down and making it so hard to move forward.

Every time I did another set of LBA activations, my business leapt forward to a new level – giving me such lightness, clarity, and power. I couldn’t imagine getting to where I am in my Life Mission without the LBA’s.

Now I feel the freedom and power to let my true self shine… and build my business around the life I want to live and the gifts I’m here to share.”

Brenda Mathisen


“When I came to The Lightbody activations I was at a crossroads before my next big move…

I had a detailed vision of the grand plan for my Life Mission… yet it wasn’t quite clear the best path for the next 1-3 years.

Since I’ve done so many programs and retreats… I knew I needed something different to cut through to the core to clarify the best path forward.

The Green Lightbody program gave me such powerful clarity and fire for the next phase of my journey.

Looking back, it was a key catalyst for moving my Life Mission forward and creating more freedom and profit in my business.”

Dan Russell

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The Bonus

Go Even Further with Your Results

Lightbody Skills: Level 1

You Will Gain New Abilities Once You’ve Completed the Lightbody Technology…
Learn How to Use Your New Abilities to
Follow the Path of Least Resistance to Your Goals

 Online Video Modules with Bite-Sized Lessons

Move Mountains in Your Life
with Speed and Ease

$1,000 Value

The Promise

Core Values for Lifelong Camaraderie


we do what we say and say what we do


if we make mistakes, we own it & balance it


we are here to see you win, we believe in your genius


we strive to simplify
so we can multiply

What’s Your Masterpiece?

The World Needs What You Have to Share

You think of your Global Vision quite a bit…

When you finish your life… you want to smile with a sigh of relief
because you created the impact-machine
that will continue long after you’re gone, you’ll know… 

Your Masterpiece is Complete

And you’re proud of who you became in the process…

You enjoyed your life,
while making the difference you were born to make.

Unfortunately though,
many people die with their masterpiece still left inside

Will that be you?

The Founder

Sebastian Cruze

Sebastian helps entrepreneurs with a Global Vision create their masterpiece by aligning
their business with their Life Mission 

Discovered Life Mission at 24

Studied 100+ Influential Geniuses

Founded the Masterpiece Mastermind at 25

Sebastian’s Story

Aligning My Business with My Life Mission

17: 11x’ed $2k Investment in Stocks (Sirius XM)

21: 1st $2.5k Passive Income Week (YouTube)

21: Multi-Six Figure Agency Business

22: Lost it All (Wanted to End My Life)

24: Multi-Six Figure SEO Business with 15 Hour Week

24: Discovered Life Mission (Heard The Voice)

25: 4 Hour Work Week for SEO Business

25: Launched Exclusive Life Mission Mastermind Focused on Global Influence

27: 2 Hour Work Week for SEO Business

28: Launched Cutting-Edge DecodeYourGenius® Software

29: Pioneered Accelerated Plan to Global Abundance

29: Opened Up a Handful of New Seats for Mastermind

Accelerate the Progress of
Your Life Mission