Sebastian Mychel Cruz here. Today’s message is going to ruffle a few feathers. It’s that the manifestation culture is making people soft and weak. I’ll explain. The premise of manifestation is that I’m going to focus on the things that I want in my life. Naturally, that is focusing on positive things, positive experiences. I’ve got to focus, focus, focus my thoughts. No negative thoughts, no negative thoughts, no negative thoughts.

We All Need To Be a Little Skeptic

While that is good, just like everything else in the world, a good thing taken to the extreme ends up becoming a detrimental thing. When a person takes that to the extremes where they are monitoring their thoughts, monitoring what they’re focusing on so much that if a negative thought comes in, “Whoa, it’s not there, I’m going to just focus on the positive, focus on the positive.” What happens is that the person starts being fake to what they’re really feeling.

They actually take what they’re feeling and push it down and put on top a mask that says, “Oh no, I’m okay. Everything is fine. Positive, positive, positive, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.” It’s not what’s actually going on down there. When the reality is that you can put a mask on whatever, a pile of shit is still a pile of shit. If that pile of shit is like the unresolved emotions you have, it’s still going to be stinky down there. It’s going to be weighing you down.

How to Address Life A Little Better

Number one, that’s what’s going on. It’s like we’ve got to be real to ourselves and what we’re experiencing, process those emotions with those tools that you have so it can be released in a healthy way, not hurting other people, in a healthy way. Then you can actually come to a positive place authentically, not fakely.

Second thing is it’s also promoting this idea of it’s got to be good, it’s got to be good, it’s got to be good. Okay, well you manifest your way and get everything good, then what? You have no challenges. It might sound great, but what happens when a person doesn’t get challenged? What happens when there’s nothing to overcome? Imagine the movies were like that. Nobody would watch them and it would be boring.

Yes, you can have fun without conflict. I’m not saying that, unnecessary conflict. Without challenge, there’s no growth. It’s this ideal that’s good, but when it’s an extreme, it’s this person who’s searching, searching, searching, searching, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking for a scenario where they’re not challenged at all. What happens when someone isn’t challenged, they get soft. What happens when muscles aren’t challenged? They decrease.

Maybe, yeah, while that mindset is going on here and a person is applying that in their life, it’s a person who when they’re confronted with challenge, in that instant there’s a slight falter. There’s a slight, “Oh I don’t want this.” It’s subtle, but as we’re running our businesses, our business is a direct reflection, a direct extension of what’s going on internally in the owner. That hesitation starts creating losses.

How to Refocus Your Life to Accept Things

An idea to share today is that instead of so focused on everything’s got to be good, everything’s got to be good, don’t want any bad things, what if it’s a focus of here’s a tool, it’s just a tool, nothing more than a tool, it’s a tool, let me use it to get the best reality I can, and let me use it to be the strongest person that I can be. Guess what? You can only be strong when you’re going through certain challenges.

Good luck getting stronger in the gym if you’re not putting challenge to there. You’re not challenging your mind. While I think manifestation techniques, the real ones, not the bullshit ones, the real ones are good. My message today is not to get lost in them, not to get lost in the person that gets so pampered by soft fluff that when the slightest little challenge comes up, “Oh I don’t want that.” Instead of standing strong in it, especially, especially being a leader of your company, you’ve got to be strong.

When there’s the challenge that comes forth say, “Let’s go. Let me step into it both feet in. What do you got? I’m here. And I’ve got some cool fucking tools with me, manifestation, other different tools.” That’s the energy that I believe you really want. The culture has kind of found its way. There are a lot of softies. How do I know? Because I’ve also been through it myself.

Accepting Challenges As They Come

I went into the land of the tools, the manifestation of all that stuff. I found a lot of good things and I started taking it to the extreme. I started getting soft. I needed to get reeled back in, have some fucking strength, and still use the tools, but not get lost in them. That’s my message for today. Be strong with the tool. Invite challenge.

I’m not saying unnecessary conflict, not at all. I’ve actually lived that too. I have a saying for that. The saying came to me one day that said, “There’s no honor in unnecessary struggle.” There’s no honor in unnecessary struggle. I am not an advocate for that at all. I’m an advocate for making things as smoothly as possible, while still understanding that as a leader we’ve got to do something every fucking day that challenges us in some way, and keep adding the bar of what challenges us. Keep strong, otherwise it goes away. That’s just the way it is.

I certainly didn’t make those rules, but I’m one of the 7, 8 billion on the planet, just like you, that those are the rules that we’ve got here. Be strong, challenge yourself. I’m not just talking intellectual challenge. That’s a scape goat. That’s a fucking scape goat. I’m talking about things that make you uncomfortable. Things that you go, “Wow, mind starts thinking of all the reasons why you don’t really need to do that thing,” whether it’s speak, or physical activity, or whatever it is, the mind starts saying, “Oh I don’t really need to do that, do I? You’re accomplished as it is. Who do you have to prove, is it anybody?”

That’s what the mind will say whatever it is, but if you don’t challenge yourself and actually apply and go through those things that make you uncomfortable, you’re going to get soft. That’s just what I see. That’s just what I see with a lot of the culture. Like I said, I’m not blaming anybody because I’ve been through that. I’ve experienced that to a point, and then reeled it back in, reeled it back in.

I know that you listening to this message right now, something inside of you says, “Holy fuck, something there.” This is an opportunity to pick one thing that pops up in your mind, boink just popped up right now, one thing that’s uncomfortable for you to do. The mind might say, “Oh we got so many other things to do. How’s that going to make you money?” It’s going to make you money by making you a better person, make you stronger. After you go through it, you’ll be like, “Okay, it wasn’t all that bad,” or you’ll say, “Oh that really sucked, but I made it through.”

That will make you a better leader in your company. You’ll be stronger. You’ll have the strength that will start emanating from you that you don’t even need to say, but people can just feel it. It’s got to be earned, and it does not come through reading a book. It does not come through watching this video or listening to this audio. It would be nice if I could just send this message and boom, upgrade complete, strength built. No, it’s got to be through those things that you personally don’t want to do, that you go, “Oh let me just wait till tomorrow.” Fuck that though, do it today.

Final Thoughts

That’s my message. Lots of love because I know that you’ve got a vision in your heart. I know you’re on a mission to create a positive change for the world. Guess what, you need to be fucking strong to do the mission that you know you’re supposed to do. A soft little version of you, just like a soft little version of me is not going to be able to lead that change that you feel, and I feel. We’ve got to strengthen ourselves continually. It’s a practice until the day we die. As you do this, you’ll be able to do what you’re really here to do.