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Are ONLY for the 10 People
Who Helped with Market Research

(At the End, When You Read All the Way Through, There is a Special Gift Waiting for You 😀 )

Read Time: 5-7 Minutes

(There are additional videos for you that are longer depending on far down the rabbit hole you choose to go)

Hey, Sebastian here!

The foundational round of market research is complete and oh boy did I find some things that I believe you’ll love and that will provide key insights for you on your journey of Growing Your Message and Impact!

First and foremost though, I’d like to say THANK YOU

What I’ve uncovered and put together literally would not have been possible without

=> Your Support,

=> Your Insights,

=> Your Suggestions


=> Your Honest Feedback

Together, we’ve co-created something that I believe has never been seen before in the industry!

Alright, are you ready to see what You had a direct hand in helping me discover?

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This is a Solution for:

High-Ticket Coaches that have their high-ticket programs and enrollment down;

They’ve got a full practice and now they are ready to Scale, Scale, Scale…



It’s fascinating to me because what emerged through the Market Research is:

A New Solution,

That Has Never Been Seen Like This Before…

(I feel humbled and wide-eyed… as I say “this may be the most valuable thing I’ve ever put together in my life” )

I guess that’s what happens when you directly ask brilliant people what they want and need 😮

And Now Let’s Dive into the Market Research Findings!

::cue drum roll::




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