Leverage Your Genius: Market Research 2

With Your Help, I’ve Uncovered…


The Dirty Secret of Scaling


It’s no secret that our FB feed tends to be flooded with offers on how to Scale, Grow, take “Quantum Leaps” etc…

And while some of these offers may be absolutely true…

Adding More Leads,

Adding More Enrollment Calls,

Adding More Sales,

Adding More Customers,

Adding More Staff…


It’s the reason we got into business right?

To Grow our Message, Grow our Impact, Serve the World and Live Prosperously!


and that is a Huge “BUT”…

The market is missing something HUGE…

And it’s the thing that nobody is truly talking about…

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The Dirty Secret of Scaling is:


“Without the Right Systems, Things Break When You Grow!”



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The Coaching Industry Doesn’t Realize That The Goal Shouldn’t Be Just to SCALE…


The Goal Needs to be to SAFELY SCALE.


And in Order to SAFELY-SCALE… 6 Key Pillars Need to Be In Place.


And if they are NOT in place… your clients will feel it!


For business owners that scale rapidly without safe systems, this becomes a painful, hushed secret since they don’t want POTENTIAL Clients to know that their CURRENT clients aren’t getting the 5 star experience ________.


But you can bet your Green Smoothie that the clients are talking to others about their less-than-5-star-experience!



The Reason Why I Am Exceptionally Qualified to Guide Coaches

Through the 6 Key Pillars to Safely Scaling (aka The Safe Systems Method)


I don’t know it’s Fate that I’m destined to lead this Solution…

Or luck…

Or perhaps a bit of both…

Yet my entrepreneurial experience fits this need like a custom tailored suit or dress (Hey wear what you want, it’s 2018 and I don’t judge!)


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You might have heard me mention that once upon a time I had a Web Design, Marketing and Social Media Agency after I dropped out of college to run my business full time…


Well my dream was to Scale, Scale, Scale…


And Scale We Did!


In Fact, when I was 21…


We 10x’d my marketing agency in less than 6 months

and things started breaking LEFT and RIGHT.



If I could write myself a note and send it back in time it would look like this

Dear Younger Self,

As You Scale without “Safe Systems” You Are Jumping Headfirst into:

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  • Clients Feeling Betrayed Because Their Experience is Inconsistent


  • Clients Feeling They Are Paying a Premium for Less and Less


  • Money Gushes in and Then Somehow Disappears… (Just as Quickly!)


  • Your “Team” is Like a Revolving Door of People Coming in and Then Going Out (All the while you foot the bill !)


  • With the New Growth, Less and Less You Are Doing More and More Things That Drain Your Mojo!


  • Your business model isn’t aligned with your True 10 Year Vision… and thus you build your business and then transition (destroy it)… instead of aligning efficiently to your TRUE Path all along


Now EVEN JUST ONE of these Painful Problems is a punch in the gut in any business…


The alarming truth is that – in a coaching business – perhaps it’s even more painful since the client-provider relationship is so intimate and personal.



This was so excruciatingly painful for me…

That after my agency dismantled, I was suicidal because I felt that I made every mistake in the book (the in-depth story is one for a different time)…

And after having a come to Jesus moment (literally),

I moved on next to building my SEO agency and implementing the OPPOSITE of everything I did in the past…

This allowed us to grow to multiple 6 figures in the first year and reduce my workload to 4 hours a week.

The company is still running to do this day! (In fact, we just rebranded by the way and further honed our niche to working with the yacht charter industry… you can check our site here: YachtCharterMarketing.pro) .

Once I quickly popped this business into stable multi-six-figure land… then I spent the next 5 years diving deep, like an olympic swimmer springing off a diving board, into spiritual and esoteric trainings and initiations… WHILE my company continued to run (and continues to run to this day!).


I was able to do this because of 6 Key Pillars…

Now IF DONE RIGHT, these 6 pillars become the building blocks for you to SAFELY SCALE,

if not done correctly…

Then they become:

The 6 Painful Landmines That Successful High-Ticket Coaches

Unknowingly (and Eagerly) Walk Into…

Click Here to Go to the Next Page =>(Missing even one of these pillars in your business is like trying to build a skyscraper on a “House of Cards”)

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