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Unlock Higher Levels of Your Genius
With Customized Mind Keys

Twenty-Two Professionally Produced Audio Supplements to Elevate Your State On-Demand
Helping You Supercharge Your Subconscious


  • 1

    Open Up Your Genius Map from Your Genius Map Reading with Sebastian

    Your Genius Map shows your specific Genius Blocks and your Greatest Gifts… you can use these Mind Keys™ to help cultivate your Greatest Gifts and help dissolve your Genius Blocks. Each number in your Genius Map is linked to the same number in the 22 Mind Keys™.

  • 2

    Read the Description in the Title of Each Mind Key™

    The frequency of each Mind Key™ audio track is specifically designed for the qualities in each title. You can choose the Mind Key™ based on the qualities it represents OR you can choose the number in your Genius Map and use the Mind Key™ to focus on that quality in your life.

  • 3

    Select the Mind Key™ (there are 22) Which Has the Qualities You’d Like to Cultivate in Your Life

    Think about your greatest challenge… what qualities would help you conquer that roadblock? Select qualities that you want to experience more consistently in your daily life.

  • 4

    Listen to the Mind Key™ While Working, Relaxing, Meditating, Sleeping etc.

    Find the way that works best for you, recommended use is 20 minutes a day or more.

Watch This 2 Minute Walkthrough to Learn
How to Access and Download Your 22 Mind Keys™


Featured Interviews of
The Mind Keys™ Creation Process


Featured Interview:
Sebastian and Jamin Talk About
How They Collaborated on Creating the Mind Keys™

Featured Interview:
Discover More About Jamin’s Journey and
The Sound Alchemy Creation Process

Jamin Van Dillen

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Mind Keys™ Sound Producer

Genius Type: The Catalyst

Jamin’s incredible depth and talent with music production, frequency harmonization, and unique research into the ancient mysteries of historic societies combines with his extensive experience working with high profile entrepreneurs. He produces the Mind Keys and assists with video creation to enhance the Decode Your Genius experience.


Sebastian Mychel Cruze

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Founder and CEO of Decode Your Genius™

Genius Type: The Pioneer

Sebastian’s mission and purpose is to take the tried and true esoteric principles and practices and convert them into modern language and practical techniques in such a way that is custom built for the high achieving entrepreneur.