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Model: The $40 Million / Year Community

Live a Life of Freedom While You Scale a Highly Profitable and Impactful Community

The Hormozi's used this model to generate $40 Million / Year with their community.

1000 clients at $40,000 / Year = $40 Million / Year

Regular Coaching Models are a Complicated Headache,

That Can't Scale and Make Little Profit

Sebastian Cruze

Creator of the True Freedom Method

I've generated over 500,000 leads online through my own passive income systems

I spent 12 years searching for the ideal coaching business model that would be highly scalable, highly profitable and high impact for student success.

Starting since I was 19, I began testing and deploying campaigns. Even being hired at 21 for $21,500 /mo to run marketing campaigns for a single company. During this time and afterwards I got to see behind the scenes of big name coaching programs and courses... and since I'm a Mechanic in Wealth Dynamics, I've always been curious fascinated by the system of how everything can work together to deliver incredible results for students, prosperous margins for the business and freedom for the business owner.

This $40 Million / Year Community Model is the culmination of this search and as I put together the different pieces - from a bunch of different sources - of how the Hormozi's did it... I say that their model lined up with my own experience of the times when I had the least resistance with sales and student success. This was the "aha" for me when I realized my easiest success came from when I did the things they do in their model... and the sticking points I had was when I was doing the things that aren't in their model.

This is why I am so happy to share this model with you so you can leverage my extensive testing and experience, verified with the powerhouse results of the Hormozi's to grow your own profitable, impactful and freedom-filled community business.

3 Main Problems with Regular Coaching Models

Your Calendar is Booked Full of 1-on-1 Calls

Did you get in this business to have freedom? Not the case when you look at your schedule and see stacks of 1-on-1 calls (you'll never get those hours back). Coaches get trapped with regular models because students need the 1-on-1 time in order to succeed.

Student Success Plummets

The dirty secret of the coaching and courses industry is that students rarely succeed (with the regular business coaching models!)... and what do you expect to happen when they are sitting on a Group Q&A call for an hour just to get ONE question answered?!

You Hire Staff and Make Barely Any Profit

It's soul crushing to see the true costs of staff is when you add up the hiring, on-boarding, training, management, bonuses, incentives, holiday etc... with "People Heavy" model all of it burns away your profit until it feels like it's not even worth it to run the business anymore.

The $40 Million / Year Community Model

Specifically Tailored for Purpose-Driven Experts Who are Following Their Passion

Simple to Scale and Gives You Freedom

The model is simple from beginning to end, which allows it be easily scalable while you have freedom and fun along the way

High Student Success and Happiness

Students get what they truly need to succeed, which makes means better results, better testimonials, more referrals and MORE IMPACT.

Highly Profitable Cashflow All Throughout

Because the ideal client and problem-solution is so focused... it means the value is huge, which means people are happy to pay top dollar for that value. Which means healthy margins for you which means a healthy business for you.

Sebastian Cruze

Creator of the True Freedom Method

Sebastian helps entrepreneurs follow their passion and

create a profitable business with scalable systems

○ Over 500,000 leads generated through my own passive income systems

○ Lost everything and discovered my passion for helping people do what they love

○ On a mission with the TrueFreedom Partners to help free 1 billion people by 20250 (Prosperous Planet by 2100)

“I believe we are born to do what we love

– Sebastian Cruze

Let's Make Sure Our Values Align


Are we leading

with respect?


Are we taking the most simple route to our goal?


Are we leading

with generosity?


Are we laughing


Do You Have Abundant Creator DNA?

Being an Abundant Creator means you care about passion, purpose and profit all working together in your life

  • C - Contribution: you focus on impact

  • R - Reliable: you honor your word

  • E - Efficient: you 80/20 the 80/20

  • A - Active: you take inspired action

  • T - Tacos: you like to have fun

  • O - Open: you are open to new ideas

  • R - Radiant: you shine with generosity

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