Personal Name Optimization

Align Your Name, Unlock Your Life


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_font=”Lucida”]The sound of a person’s name carries a specific frequency… the vibration of our name is said countless times in our life. It is written numerous times in all forms of documents and is the sound frequency that we identify with at the deepest level.

This vibration holds your Personal Attraction Code, the mechanism for The Law of Attraction to draw specific experiences, people and events into your life. Through The Name Alignment Process, we work together to connect with your Genius Subconscious to decipher the Optimal Name that carries the vibration to magnetize more of the things you desire in your life and let go of more of the things you no longer wish to continuously experience.

This is an extremely powerful technique that is highly specific and complex. Through our work together we make sure that the Optimal Name matches a 16-point criteria in order to be officially chosen.[/text_block]

  • 1

    Phase 1 – Planting of the Seeds Technique

    This is approximately a 30 minute segment where I support you in setting the stage for your Higher Self to drop in your Optimal Name… imagine yourself in a movie on an epic adventure where your Superconscious is giving you hints and clues that lead you to your Optimal Name (much like a treasure map) that unlocks your next level of expansion, power and joy.

  • 2

    Phase 2 – The Harmony Alignment

    This encompasses 1-4+ (hour long) segments where we reveal what the Subconscious Energy Pattern is for the names that have dropped into your awareness since Phase 1.
    The key here is to tune into the name that lights you up, as well as is an energetic match for your birth and current name. This is an Art as well as a Science… imagine my role as an Energetic Sherlock Holmes… following the clues to solve the mystery of your Optimal Name.

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    Phase 3 – Name Integration Process

    Once we have aligned with your Optimal Name and you’ve had time to relax into the new energy… I guide you through the Name Integration Process which is the incredibly powerful way to near instantly integrate the energy and power of your new name, into your body, energetic fields and personal attraction code.


Typical Duration:
4 – 6 Session Credits