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Personality: Identifying Your Zone of Genius

The Sweet Spot Where It All Comes Together...

Your Mission (Purpose) + Your Experience (Profit) + What You Love to Do (Passion)

"Purpose-Driven companies performed 10x better

in a 15 year study"

Burning Time, Energy and Money

By Not Being in Your Zone of Genius

Sebastian Cruze

Creator of the True Freedom Method

I've generated over 500,000 leads online through my own passive income systems

I believe you have no clue how much experience you have...

I see it all the time with people launching their passion business.

When it comes to their area of deepest experience... so much they know has become unconscious competance they do so many things automatically that have now become second nature.

This is the key.

Your area of DEEPEST EXPERIENCE is the difference between being a starving artist or a prosperous powerhouse when following your passion.

If you teach from your deepest experience, then the path is clear, simple and fun.

If you don't... it becomes a treacherous hell hole that will make you question your existence and your higher power (ask me how I know! ;)

So comrade, with every ounce of my being - my recommendation and invitation for you is...

1. Reflect on where your deepest experience is

2. Reflect on what you love to do

3. Reflect on how 1 & 2 aligns with your mission

Then from this place take a look at the most simple way they can all come together for your Ideal Client to solve their #1 problem.

Then the path will feel so clear and simple... which opens the doors for it to be fun!

3 Main Problems with Not Being in Your Zone of Genius

Your Program Isn't Based on Your Deepest Experience

People pay for experience, so if your program is based on something other than where you have your deepest experience than it's flawed from the start and going to be harder to sell.

You Don't Love What You Do

You feel dead inside because what people pay you for is not what you wish you could spend your day doing.

What You Love Doesn't Make Money

You feel torn because you absolutely light up when you deliver your passion but people don't pay for it so you need to "switch back" into your other income stream to pay the bills.

Being in Your Zone of Genius

Your Mission (Purpose) is Aligned with Your Experience (Profit) and is What You Love to Do (Passion)

Your Mission


What you are born to do is the north star of your life and business, guiding the way forward.

Your Love


You light up with your role that you serve in your business because it is what you love to do and the excitement, passion and enthusiasm naturally pours out of you.

Your Experience


Your Mission and Your Love are both aligned with your area of deepest experience so that people are happy to pay you for your deep knowledge and expertise.

Sebastian Cruze

Creator of the True Freedom Method

Sebastian helps entrepreneurs follow their passion and

create a profitable business with scalable systems

○ Over 500,000 leads generated through my own passive income systems

○ Lost everything and discovered my passion for helping people do what they love

○ On a mission with the TrueFreedom Partners to help free 1 billion people by 20250 (Prosperous Planet by 2100)

“I believe we are born to do what we love

– Sebastian Cruze

Let's Make Sure Our Values Align


Are we leading

with respect?


Are we taking the most simple route to our goal?


Are we leading

with generosity?


Are we laughing


Do You Have Abundant Creator DNA?

Being an Abundant Creator means you care about passion, purpose and profit all working together in your life

  • C - Contribution: you focus on impact

  • R - Reliable: you honor your word

  • E - Efficient: you 80/20 the 80/20

  • A - Active: you take inspired action

  • T - Tacos: you like to have fun

  • O - Open: you are open to new ideas

  • R - Radiant: you shine with generosity

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