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Free Up 30 Hours a Week from Your Schedule
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Is Your Schedule Pulling You Away

from Your True Calling?

You’re grateful to be earning more income than ever before…
But its taking too much time and energy


Are you waiting for a new hire or marketing campaign… to give you your time back?

Does it ever feel like time is slipping away… for you to follow your
True Calling?

If You Left the Earth Today…

Would You Be Satisfied with What You Left the World?

Don’t Let Your Schedule Hold You Back
From What You Are Born to Do

We’re here to put a
dent in the universe
otherwise why else even be here?

– Steve Jobs

The Solution

Focus on Your Zone of Genius

We don’t have 8 creative,
problem-solving hours in a day…
we have 2.

Spend your time wisely.

– Naval Ravikant

Founder of with
$2.5+ Billion Assets Under Management

Use the True Freedom Method to

Deliver Maximum Value in Less Time
With Your Zone of Genius

Use our proprietary personality technology to
guide you to deliver your gifts with peace and ease



Simplify Your Schedule for Maximum Value
with Your Zone of Genius

– More Impact

– Less Time

– More Freedom



Simplify Your Systems for
Maximum Value
with Only What is Essential

– More Automation

– Less Headaches

– More Peace



Simplify Your Team for Maximum Value with Everyone’s Zone of Genius

– More Results

– Less Management

– More Fun

Client Case Studies


10 Hour Work Week While Doubling Profit

Dan Russell


Doubled Profit
While Working Less

Brenda Mathisen


5 Hour Work Week and Moved to Miami

Michael Matthes

How Much is it Worth for You to
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The Freedom Team Checklist

How to ensure that people lead themselves…
even if you have a super complex business

What’s it worth to you to end micro-managing and
headaches from putting out fires?

$1,500+ Value

True Freedom Tracking Tool

Track your “Freedom KPI’s” all in one place to
ensure your freedom lasts for years and years to come…
(like my SEO business of 7+ years)
even if you have new ideas and opportunities

What’s it worth to you to keep your freedom gains
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Only for Spiritually Guided Entrepreneurs with a Mission of Service

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Double Your Money Back Guarantee

For Spiritually Guided Entrepreneurs working 40+ hours a week with a business consistently generating over $20k+ / mo for at least the last 6 months...

I am so confident you will absolutely love your roadmap... that if you don't I will first refund your investment 100%... then on top of that I will immediately send you a $500 PayPal

Just let me know within the first hour of our session and I will stop the recording, refund your money while we are on the call (you will see the funds back in your account within 48 hours - usually the next day), then I will send you a $500 PayPal and remove you from all bonuses...

We'll part as friends because I'd rather you be "wowed" with your experience with anything you pay me for... and if you aren't, then I want you to have your investment back! 

Free Up Your Time

Free Up Your Money

Free Up Your Energy

The Founder

Sebastian Cruze

Sebastian Cruze is on a Mission to Help Humanity Achieve Global Abundance by 2100 AD

○ Self-Made Passive Income for Nearly 10 Years

○ Studied the Personalities of 100+ Geniuses

○ Combined Research with Mentor’s Spiritual System with 10,000+ Case Studies

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Once upon a time I was in a similar place… except I was working 100 hours / week in my 1st business

I knew I had a big mission of service to do… 

Yet there I was… slaving away to a business (ahem… prison) of my own creation

Well the way I saw it, my path to the promised land of True Freedom and living my mission of service…

Was more team, more marketing campaigns, more clients

Boy was I wrong, it just added more and more weight to the business…

More complexity for me to drown in…

Thankfully I stumbled upon a tool a Wise Old Mentor shared with me…

It showed me my “Unique Path for Freedom” and how I create True Freedom by just focusing on my mission… and letting go of the rest

I was intrigued!

Slowly I started implementing the steps… (took me longer than it should have because I didn’t believe it at first 🤦🏻‍♂️)

Well low and behold people started doing their work (correctly lol) with less supervision…

(I could barely believe the same people I was about to fire were actually doing… well, good 😳)

I realized there were products we were selling that were not a part of my path…

(I was afraid of letting them go but wow… what a relief it ended up being 💆🏻‍♂️)

I realized what I truly love to do and who I truly am… which helped me know exactly how to simplify the business

I was amazed, things changed in a full 180…

My “100 work week” turned into “1 hour a week” or less…

Which gave me the Freedom and Finances to fully dive into my passion…

Exploring what made me feel alive and free…

Then I followed the passion I felt to start my 2nd business of helping spiritually guided entrepreneurs who have a mission of service like you…

“Create True Freedom with Your Mission of Service”

Would you like help with that?

Let’s continue to the next section where I can share more about the tool with you

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Create True Freedom with
Your Mission of Service