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18-24 Years Old:

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The Mission

Giving a Helping Hand to a Purpose-Driven Young Entrepreneur…
Just Like How I Was Given a Scholarship Back in My Early Days


One of the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners Chosen by Yanik Silver and Dmitriy Kozlov at the business and marketing event “Underground 9” in 2013
(21 Years Old)

One of the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners at Giovanni Marsico’s business event “Archangel Academy” in 2016 (24 Years Old)


The Problem

The Invisible Force Slowing Your Progress and Destroying Your Momentum


Despite having powerful goals and dreams… entrepreneurs can feel like there is an invisible force that is resisting them from moving forward in their life and business.

Have You Experienced One (or Even All) of These Scenarios?

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  • You Have At Least One Problem Area in Either Your Health, Wealth or Relationship (That Sticks Out Like a “Sore Thumb’)
  • Your Business isn’t Growing as Fast as You Feel it Should…
  • Or You Make Great Gains in Your Business… But Then Something Happens to Take You Back to Square One (or Very Close)
  • You Make Gains in Your Health… But Slip Back to Where You Were Before
  • You Know The Things You Should Be Doing… But Don’t Consistently Do Them (or Delay)



Well if you have… than you (just like everyone else) have experienced Resistance to achieving your goals.

It’s like an invisible force that pulls you back as you try to move forward in your life and business.




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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left” font_size=”30″ font_color=”%234E4E4E”]/rəˈzistəns/ noun [C] (Personal Development Psychology)

The invisible force that people feel holding them back from doing the action(s) they know they should do.






You can imagine that the “Resistance” you feel… is like “a beast” pushing and pulling you back when you try to move forward to your goals.

This “Resistance Beast” pulls you back in ways that you recognize… and it also pulls you back in ways you don’t realize… this is called your “Blind Spots” and it is the hardest to over come because they are the patterns you don’t even realize is holding you back.


Every time you try and move forward on your goals in life and business… your very own “Resistance Beast” is battling against you every step of the way.

Always trying to keep you small, limited and far away from your goals.

There are many ways that a person’s Resistance Beast can hold them back from doing what they want to do.

Do any of following sound familiar to you…

How are they holding you back in your life and business right now?


The Solution

Turning Your Greatest Adversary into Your Greatest Ally


Resistance Reversal™

The Solution Isn’t to Beat the Resistance Beast…

It’s to Reverse the Resistance Beast

Through Sebastian’s proprietary method you “Flip the Script” on the things holding you back…

And as a result your “Resistance Beast” changes into “The Progress Powerhouse”… now pulling you forward to your greatest goals and true calling.


Throughout the Reversal process your greatest weaknesses are reversed into your greatest strengths.

We call these strengths “Genius Patterns”… because within each of your greatest Resistance Patterns is a complimentary “Genius Pattern” waiting to be unleashed into the world.

As a person activates more and more of their “Genius Patterns”… their life flows forward with much more Power, Peace and Speed.

Much like how championship athletes are able to create legendary results when they are “In the Zone”…

As you activate more and more of your Genius Patterns, it feels like you are “In the Zone” because your life Flows Forward with speed and ease.

Here are some examples of the “Resistance Patterns” that are REVERSED into “Genius Patterns”… which naturally pull someone forward to their greatest goals and True Calling.



The Workshop

One Weekend to Change Your Life and Business Forever


Discover the Map of
Your Mental Blindspots

First, you will be given your very own Resistance Psychology Profile…

which is a map of your mental blindspots, showing you each of your Resistance Patterns that are trying to keep you small and limited.

Your Profile will look like the chart on the right and throughout the weekend you will decode your resistance patterns and your genius patterns that are awaiting for you once you reverse your resistance.

Then each of the days will be going through the following curriculum for the weekend workshop:

  • The Weekend Workshop is Live and Virtual (Held Online via Zoom Video)
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 9am PST to 2pm PST (Noon to 5pm EST) Each Day

The Transformation

Attendees Share Their Experience
Four Days After The Weekend Workshop


Carlos moves forward a big business deal, magnetizes new allies and handles challenging conversations with power and peace.

Jamin feels a new level of sustained, smooth, forward-moving energy and things that usually would feel like a mountain… are not a big deal anymore.

Roxy unlocks a new level of focus and excels in her new job training by scoring 100%’s on multiple evaluations.

Despite -60 Degree Weather in Minnesota… Lisa stays consistent on her daily plan of making healthy food choices and exercise.

Kristi has been consistently waking up happy despite challenging circumstances, tension in the body has released and she’s been standing up for herself.

The Decode Your Genius and Reverse Your Resistance program is the culmination of many years of dedicated research and study by Sebastian. I have been fortunate to regularly speak with Sebastian on the concepts and knowledge base he has been working on in the areas of spiritual and personal development. The program aims to help people overcome the blockages and areas that are holding people back from achieving their desired goals. During the weekend, I had key realizations and reflections that helped me determine what has worked in the past and what can work in the future. I was able to bring some of my own resistance patterns and blockages to light, which is a step in the right direction to overcoming them.

Jay S.

Jay S.
Technology Entrepreneur


– Date of the Weekend –

March 22nd, 23rd & 24th


(Applications Due By March 15th)



Good Luck on Your Application!

Sebastian Mychel Cruze

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Founder and CEO of Decode Your Genius™

Genius Type: The Pioneer

Sebastian’s mission and purpose is to empower entrepreneurs to Reverse Their Resistance and Master Their Own Genius so they can create historic impact.