Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Sebastian Cruze Creator of the Guaranteed Freedom Program

I help nonprofits get their time back
and be more productive
by working in Flow State

In my early 20’s I was fortunate to be mentored by multi-millionaire business owners and trained by a “real life Jedi master”— which taught me what I call “Freedom Instincts”

Which Allowed Me to Go from 100 Hours a Week to 1 Hour a Week in My Agency Business

Which has given me


  • Passive Income for 10-Years (self made btw!)
  • Time for my passions like studying the personalities of 100+ Influential Geniuses
  • Time to explore Argentina, Brazil, Fiji, Ireland, Mexico, Uruguay, the United Kingdom and more



But not too long ago…

I Almost Died Working 100 Hour Work Weeks

In 2013 my agency business 11x’ed in 9 months… my team ballooned to 25 full time team members and every waking moment was focused on putting out fires and managing my never ending to-do list

I was so stressed, I thought the solution was more team, more marketing campaigns, more clients… but this just brought more headaches

Wasn’t this the dream?

The truth hurt…
I had created a prison for myself

Stress Work

When it all imploded, I found myself laying on the ground in the fetal position… wanting to end my life. Minutes passed, then I felt a rush of energy, I felt my mission come alive.

This Must Have Caused My Brain to
“Flip a Switch” in Order to Survive…
Because It Became Hyper Focused on
Creating Freedom and Protecting Freedom

Marketing Party

Speaking at the Internet Marketing Party on Creating Freedom

I became “freedom obsessed”.

It’s 2015, I’m age 21. I just won Yanik Silver’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship… I’m about to have two weeks travelling, being mentored by multi-millionaire “Maverick” entrepreneurs— the perfect opportunity to hone my “Freedom Instincts”. and crack the code in my business.

I was fortunate to go on adventures with them to places like Argentina and Uruguay… many of these entrepreneurs had already made their millions and had freedom… so when I was with them I basically only had time for 1 hour of work a day at maximum… so it forced me to laser-focus on the absolute highest impact tasks… then delegate the rest

It forced my brain to rewire for efficiency… focusing on how to create the most value in the least amount of time

“one day in Argentina playing polo, with the sticks and the horses (way harder than you think!)… dancing till sunrise at the EDM Rave… then a day in Uraguay at a billionaire’s ranch eating Chuasco with the wines and the meats– all while having conversations with elite business owners…”

It Opened My Eyes to “the secret” of the ultra earners of optimizing their day for 1-2 hours of maximum impact

It opened my eyes to “the secret” of the ultra earners… How they optimized their day for
1-2 hours of maximum impact

We don’t have 8 creative
problem solving hours in
a day… we have 2.

Spend your time wisely.

-Naval Ravikant

Founder of with
$2.5+ Billion Assets Under Management

I saw how these Freedom Instincts allowed them to “collapse time” with innovative solutions

Where are you on
the Freedom Scale?

Freedom Scale

Every business owner's Freedom Instincts
match with a level on the Freedom Scale...

The higher on the scale, the more freedom
you naturally create with everything you do

The lower on the scale, the less freedom
you naturally create with everything you do

No matter how much you make,

No matter how much you delegate,

No matter how much you automate...

Everything rises or falls to the

Level of your "Freedom Instincts"

This Gave Me the Extra Time to Devote to My True Calling

Freedom Scale

I finally had the time to dive into my passion of helping people live their true calling.

MISSION is everything to me.

Why the fuck you’re here and
what you are BORN to do.

That’s what lights me up.

So now I had the time to study with my spiritual mentor David Ngan and launch my 2nd business that helps people create True Freedom by creating wealth with what they love to do

To My Surpise a Strange Freedom Bubble Started Forming Around Me

Sebastian Cruze

I’ve never been the best salesman… so one day I realized why not let the results do the selling and back it up with a Money Back Guarantee

I realized this was my gift.

I don’t really know exactly when it started, but after that gauntlet, pretty soon anyone who’d hang out with me long enough would start having more freedom in their life (earning more, with less time)…

It was like a “Freedom Bubble” formed around me and whomever entered in would naturally create pretty crazy freedom results in their life

Case study after case study of entrepreneurs piled up of taking 30+ Hours off their work week—
Then it got even more wild, many of them were even doubling their income

The Guaranteed Freedom Program was born


Check Out the Case Studies

Dan Russell, the owner of the marketing agency
Vivid Labs went from...

50+ hours a week ⮕ 10 hours a week

In less than 90 Days

...and doubled his income

Dan Russell

Dan Russell

Founder, Vivid Labs

Which gave him the time to devote to his True Calling,
which was guiding him to write his book...

Grant Cardone's team caught wind of his book and now he's consulting as the Chief Revenue Officer (and future equity partner) for Grant Cardone's 10X Incubator

Tim Wolf

Tim Wolf

Founder: Academy Incubator

Freed Up 30 Hours a Week While Increasing His Income and Having Clients Thanking Him for His Impact with Them

Brenda Mathisen

Brenda Mathisen

Founder: Embodied Power

Freed Up 30 Hours a Week to Do What She Loves

Michael Mathis

Michael Matthes

Founder: Crossfit M2

Went from 50 Hours a Week
to 5 Hours a Week...
Moved to Miami

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia

Gatr Trucking

Freed Up 30 Hours and Increased His Income

The Mission

I'm on a Mission to Free 1 Billion People by 2050

I believe people become free when they create wealth with what they love to do


1 Billion People Creating Wealth with What They Love to Do


More and More People Helping Solve the 17 Biggest Problems in the World (the UN's Global Goals)


Humanity Reaches Global Abundance by 2100

Let's Create a Wealthy Planet Together

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.
- Richard Branson
Richard Branson

With the Guaranteed Freedom Program
You are Buying Certainty You Will Be Free

You will feel uncomfortable letting go… but you’ll increase your efficiency

You will feel your self worth triggered… but you'll be making more with less effort

You will feel like it’s too easy... but you'll gain your freedom