The Value of Your Agency

Working in Flow State

The 90 Day Journey of Live Sessions with
Your Cohort of 5 Agency Owners


Week 1 – Group Session: Sales Focus

Week 2 – Team Walkthrough Webinar: Team Flow State Focus (hosted for your team)

Week 3 – Group Session: Delivery Process

Week 4 – Integration Week: No Call

Week 5 – Group Session: Identifying Energy Drains

Week 6 – Team Walkthrough Webinar: Identifying Team Energy Drains (hosted for you)

Week 7 – Group Session: Streamlining Red Zones

Week 8 – Integration Week: No Call

Week 9 – Group Session: Clarifying Your Zone of Genius

Week 10 – Team Walkthrough Webinar: Clarifying Team Zones of Genius (hosted for you)

Week 11 – Group Session: Streamlining Roles (right people, right seats)

Week 12 – Integration Week: No Call

This is For You If…

You are a purpose-driven agency owner
You are profitable with a minimum of $20k / mo
You have recurring revenue
You have experience with subconscious work or deep therapy for your emotions
You are working more than you know you need to be

This is Not For You If…


You are not a purpose-driven agency owner


You are not profitable and/or are under $20k / mo


Your service, program product is not based on a monthly subscription


You haven’t done extensive inner work therapy for your emotions


You’re not willing to let go of what no longer serves you


Live Flow State Webinars
for You and Your Team

“Hands off” solution to guide your team into Flow State each week (with a focused subconscious clearing guided meditation on steroids) so they can focus on their highest impact task

What’s it worth to you for your team to 2x, 3x or even 5x productivity
by working in Flow State?

$5,000 Value

Rapid “Zone of Genius” Alignment for Your Subconscious

This exclusive gift will unblock the emotional resistance “steering the ship” from the background. Get ready for a permanent upgrade in your intuition and EQ. Includes access for your entire team!

What’s it worth to you to stop battling fear and resistance and flip that energy to be working FOR your mission?

$7,500 Value

The Founder

Hi, I’m Sebastian Cruze
The Founder of TrueFreedom

I help nonprofits get their time back
and be more productive
by working in Flow State

○ Grew Agency by 11x in 9 Months at 21 Years Old (marketing agency)

○ Went from Agency Overwhelm to Agency Freedom (nearly dying in between)

○ 10 Years of Self-Made Passive Income (giving me time to follow my passion)

The Mission

We are on a Mission to

Free 1 Billion People By 2050

We believe True Freedom is having time and money to do what you love

Step 1

Free 1 Billion People to
Create Wealth with
What They Love to Do

Step 2

People Contribute to a Global Goal They Are Passionate About

Step 3

Solve the 17 Global Goals and Create a Prosperous Planet by 2100 AD

Let’s Create a Prosperous Planet Together

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Our Values


Are we focused on our mission?


Is there a more simple way to do this?


Are we innovating new solutions?


Are we leading with generosity?


Are we laughing together?


Do we feel like a team working together?

Our Partner Charity

3% of our revenue goes to Saved in America which is our partner charity of retired Navy SEALS, Special Forces Operators and Police Officers who go on missions to save American children who are stolen by gangs and forced into sex slavery. Saved in America track and locate the children who are in the depths of darkness and bring them home to freedom.

Richard Branson