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Stop Burning Money By Being “The Bottleneck Boss”
And Become The Leveraged Leader
That Achieves More, While Doing Less

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″]Now I’ll share with you the concepts and principles that allowed me to have such profound changes in my life:

Despite having powerful goals and dreams… entrepreneurs can feel like there is an invisible force that is resisting them from moving forward in their life and business.

I know I certainly felt like this…

Have You Experienced One (or Even All) of These Scenarios?[/text_block]


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  • You Have At Least One Problem Area in Either Your Health, Wealth or Relationship (That Sticks Out Like a “Sore Thumb’)
  • Your Business isn’t Growing as Fast as You Feel it Should…
  • Or You Make Great Gains in Your Business… But Then Something Happens to Take You Back to Square One (or Very Close)
  • You Make Gains in Your Health… But Slip Back to Where You Were Before
  • You Know The Things You Should Be Doing… But Don’t Consistently Do Them (or Delay)




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Well if you have… than you have experienced Resistance to achieving your goals (welcome to the club lol… everyone has resistance of various types).

It’s like an invisible force that pulls you back as you try to move forward in your life and business.



Hello Comrade

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My name is Sebastian Mychel Cruze and I help entrepreneurs with a fast growing virtual team… become a Leveraged Leader so they can get more done, in half the time.
Below is the real story of my own journey, if you can relate to what I went through… then I can help you achieve your vision, without sacrificing your freedom.


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“I’m so alone.”

That’s when I thought of killing myself.

A way to end this unbearable, never-ending fight for survival…

It feels like I’m always at war against an invisible force Clawing and Pulling me back every time I try to move forward with my life.

The humiliation of actually having made progress… only to have the gains slip away so painfully fast… makes the successes almost feel like they were all just a dream.

The shame of now being in a worse place then when I started… crushed, defeated and not in control.

A way to end the guilt of not doing the things I knew I should be doing.

My mind raced with anxiety, zipping back and forth…

Frantically searching for a way to end the pain.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

These words sliced through the air as I sobbed in the fetal position…

My body crushed with defeat.

Broken down under looming debt and shattered dreams…

The entire weight of the world crashing down…

Squeezing my face against the carpet.

Tears sliding sideways across my face,

My lungs gasp for air, suffocating under the weight of my failures.

I think to myself in between choking on my tears

“All I want to do is help people and create a good life for myself and my team…

and this is just NOT working.”

I take a deep breath… painfully wheezing through my anxiety:

“I just want to end it all.”

With a ravenous hunger, my mind latches onto this idea

and seeks refuge in the hope of easing my agony.

I start thinking of the best options,

which would be most feasible,

which would be most effective.

Back and forth… my mind races through options…

Images flash in my head of my body hanging, swinging back and forth…

Or being in the garage, sitting in my front seat of my running car, watching the door close down…

Or my wrists drenched in a painful coat of blood…

Then my mind flickers in disgust, melting in the failure of not fulfilling my mission…

Not living my calling…

And doing very little to contribute to humanity…

Like drowning under a heavy ocean,

I sink deeper…

And deeper.

Until suddenly,

My mind stops…

It knows the answer.

The back of my neck shudders as the realization seeps down my body…

I won’t do it.

I can’t do it.

My mind digests the truth…

“No matter what I do, something deep inside me won’t ever let me take that final step.”

My eyes widen and my back cringes…

I choke through clenched teeth:


New tears burst out of my bloodshot eyes,

As the truth tightens around me like a straight jacket.

This hurts even more,

Because now I’m REALLY stuck here…

A fucking slave to this painful prison.

Every cell of my body freezes and my mind winces:

“I’m so trapped.”

Burning tears roll down my cheeks…



“How had I gotten here?”

My mind goes red with the painful memories that brought me here…


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In a blurry haze, my mind realizes that over the past few years, my desire to improve the world has taken a back seat for my desire for money and fame.

I had cared more about looking good then being good…

My mind flickers with images of instances when I was doing whatever I could to look successful

Sure it had “worked” and gotten us big wins…

But the catch was that they were temporary and never fully lasted like:

> Turning a stock investment from $2k into $20k+

> Learning temporarily how to rank Youtube videos to generating up to $2,500+ a week in passive income (this had been short lived since I moved on to something else)

> My team growing to 25 full time team members

> My team serving all sorts of big name clients even up to $22,500 a month

I can see now that I lost myself in the fast game of making more money and looking more successful…

I lost my original purpose and vision of using my skills to drive the world forward… not just my own gains…

I can see now how this greed for fame drove me to partnering with someone who was incredible persuasive yet not always honest…

I can see now that I had known long ago that I had to stop working with him but I didn’t know how to break free of the business machine that I had built with him.

I can see now how I was too weak to make the decision I needed to… and ultimately how that decision was made for me.

My stomach goes nauseous now as the recent memory of my partner’s severe mental collapse sinks in my mind…

And how it forced me away for good… and as a result the company I had given my life to… imploded.

And I here I was right after this catastrophe with my world burning to pieces around me.



My eyes squint through blurry tears to
focus me into the present moment…


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I feebly shake, tearfully shuddering in the fetal position.

Silence and the sound of defeated sobs fills the air..

Then something unexpected starts happening…

A flicker of something deep within me begins to boil…

First starting as a flame…

And now roaring to life scalding hot energy surging in the pit of my stomach. …

Like a geyser about to erupt…

That’s when my eyes go wide,

My breath stops…

And it clicks… like an invisible switch in my body.

I realize that my True Calling can NEVER take a back seat in my life ever again.

No matter how good an opportunity looks…

No matter how many failures I encountered…

Nothing else matters more in my life than living my True Mission.

My voice roared,

“You know what – FUCK IT. I know I’m here for a mission,

I know I’m here to make a massive impact.

And if I have to go through the deepest darkness to do so…






In the name of my True Calling.

Or I will die trying.

Because as long as I have another breath in my body I WILL MOVE FORWARD INCH-BY-FUCKING-INCH.”



Hello Comrade

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My name is Sebastian Mychel Cruze and the true story you just read… is my own.


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The moment you just experienced is when I became unyieldingly committed to my mission.

It was when an incredible roaring energy was unleashed from within me.

I didn’t know what my purpose precisely was at that point…

But I damn well knew, with every cell in my body,

That my life was now unwaveringly committed to my True Calling.

That was the moment in time where I knew without a shadow of a doubt…

That there was no way I could live my True Calling if I didn’t Conquer the Resistance Beast within me…

I didn’t know the specifics or details of what my true calling was… I just knew it would be creating a type of change for humanity that would actually stand the test of time.

A change that would still be felt hundreds and thousands of years from now.

The change that would create Immortal Impact for humanity.

And now this invisible force that had been unleashed within me…

Drove me forward with a relentless urgency to fulfill my True Calling.

And pull me forward it did… to unexpected people, experiences and places all around the world such as London, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, Fiji and Uruguay.

Fortunately, this invisible force led me to two very special mentors who shared a series of systems with me that helped me decode what my true calling was.



Discover the “Hidden Map of Your Mind” So You Can Stop Slowing Your Momentum and
Start Skyrocketing to Your Biggest Vision

I’ll Share Below How You Can Leverage This Tool to Master Your Genius…


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″]REVEALING WHAT WAS HOLDING ME BACK


They showed me a mysterious chart that was my Custom Profile showing me exactly me my “mental blind spots” and how these unconscious habits were resisting and fighting my goals at every step…

and show me all the Resistance Patterns that were blocking me from doing the things I knew I needed to do… to become the man I wanted to be.

They also showed me how each of the 14 mental “Resistance Patterns” that were fighting to keep me small, limited and “safe”…


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Well if you have… than you have experienced Resistance to achieving your goals (welcome to the club lol… everyone has resistance of various types).

It’s like an invisible force that pulls you back as you try to move forward in your life and business.




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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left” font_size=”30″ font_color=”%234E4E4E”]/rəˈzistəns/ noun [C] (Personal Development Psychology)

The invisible force that people feel holding them back from doing the action(s) they know they should do.






You can imagine that the “Resistance” you feel… is like “a beast” pushing and pulling you back when you try to move forward to your goals.

This “Resistance Beast” pulls you back in ways that you recognize…

and it also pulls you back in ways you don’t realize

these are called your “Blind Spots” and it is the hardest to over come because they are the patterns you don’t even realize is holding you back.


Every time you try and move forward on your goals in life and business… your very own “Resistance Beast” is battling against you every step of the way.

Always trying to keep you small, limited and far away from your goals.

There are many ways that a person’s Resistance Beast can hold them back from doing what they want to do.

Do any of the following sound familiar to you…

I invite you to be real with yourself…

How are they holding you back in your life and business right now?

Now even just one of these patterns can be fatal for a business… not to mention more.


The Solution

Turning Your Greatest Adversary into Your Greatest Ally


Resistance Reversal™

The Solution Isn’t to Beat the Resistance Beast…

It’s to Reverse the Resistance Beast

Resistance Reversal™ is my own proprietary method where I have added innovations of my own to the methods taught to me by the 3 Wise Mentors of The Subconscious Mind.

This method allows you to “Flip the Script” on the things holding you back…

And as a result your “Resistance Beast” changes into “The Progress Powerhouse”… now pulling you forward to your greatest goals and true calling.


Throughout the Reversal process your greatest weaknesses are reversed into your greatest strengths.

We call these strengths “Genius Patterns”… because within each of your greatest Resistance Patterns is a complimentary “Genius Pattern” waiting to be unleashed into the world.

As a person activates more and more of their “Genius Patterns”… their life flows forward with much more Power, Peace and Speed.


Continue Reading to Discover How You Can Access Your Own Resistance Profile for Free
Just Like I Did Long Ago…


Here are some examples of the “Resistance Patterns” that are REVERSED into “Genius Patterns”… which naturally pull someone forward to their greatest goals and True Calling:



Over the Next 7+ Years I Trained Extensively with 3 Masters of The Subconscious Mind

Each Showing Me Elements of How to Help People “Flip the Script” of Their Subconscious Mind so instead of Slowing Their Momentum… Their Mind Now was their Greatest Ally, Naturally Skyrocketing Them to Their True Dreams


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I trained, I studied, I researched and I progressed very quickly through the systems, in nearly all cases… I was even the youngest ever to master the techniques.

And step by step…

A NEW POWER opened inside of me

A New Energy that I can only describe as “The Progress Powerhouse”…

Roared alive within me like a Fire-Breathing Dragon.

Launching me forward with unstoppable force that was:



COMPLETELY COMMANDING that I Create Immortal Impact

Smashing through RESISTANCE

Burning through the FOG

Annihilating the Shadow

This “power house energy” roared to life and TOOK THE WHEEL of my life.

And it drove me OUT OF “THE SLOW LANE”

And into “THE FAST LANE”

It was the type of power that continually advanced no matter the obstacle…

The type of power that conquers because it will never surrender.

The type of power that FINDS A WAY.

The type of power that is unstoppable… because it can’t be stopped.

The energy has its own rhythm…

It has its own ferocity…

It was like a deep voice was bellowing through the fire…

a cadence of unyielding commitment and purpose to help humanity:

“Can’t Be Stopped..”





I Began Sharing What I Learned…

And the Endorsements Started Stacking Up


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″]

Over the many years,
I’ve shared my method and techniques with entrepreneurs and leaders managing businesses at
6 figures, 7 figures and
even up 50 million+ in revenue per year.


One of the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners at Giovanni Marsico’s business event “Archangel Academy” in 2016 (24 Years Old)

Speaking at Alex Moscow’s Closed-Door Private Mastermind Where Each Attendee Had Paid $40,000 or More in Program Fees to Attend

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Don’t just take it from me though,
here are what others have to say about their experience with the insights I’ve shared with them…



For example, Kevin Kurgansky, owner and creator of the long-standing, multi-million dollar brand called The Breakup Doctor says:


Or Torah Bontrager, author, CEO-Consultant, United Nations recognized non-profit founder and the world’s first Amish person to Graduate from an Ivy League school:

Or Kylie Slavik, the “Behind-the-Scenes Brain” of numerous multi-million dollar marketing campaigns in the personal development industry:

Or Celebrity Magician & Street Hypnotist David Lion who has performed for celebrities such as Drake:

And So Many More…

Carlos moves forward a big business deal, magnetizes new allies and handles challenging conversations with power and peace.

Kristi has been consistently waking up happy despite challenging circumstances, tension in the body has released and she’s been standing up for herself.

Roxy unlocks a new level of focus and excels in her new job training by scoring 100%’s on multiple evaluations.

Jamin feels a new level of sustained, smooth, forward-moving energy and things that usually would feel like a mountain… are not a big deal anymore.

Despite -60 Degree Weather in Minnesota… Lisa stays consistent on her daily plan of making healthy food choices and exercise.

The Journey to Becoming a Leveraged Leader

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  1. Decode Your Genius
  2. Reverse Your Resistance
  3. Activate Your Archetypes
  4. Secure Your Systems
  5. Align Your True Calling



Discover the Map of
Your Mental Blindspots

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″]First, you will be given your very own Resistance Psychology Profile (example below)…

which is a map of your mental blindspots, showing you each of your Resistance Patterns that are trying to keep you small and limited.

In addition to this… Your Profile will also have the map of your hidden talents.

Each of your greatest resistance patterns… has within it the seed of your greatest talents awaiting to be fully expressed in your life.[/text_block]



The Next Step in Your Journey Begins Here

Decoding Your Genius,

Reversing Your Resistance.


Mastering Your Genius

Greatly accelerates when discovering the profound insights that await you in your customized Resistance Psychology Profile.

And I’ll take the value a notch higher, schedule right now and receive a complimentary:

Reversal Reading

This is my gift to you for free, because this is the foundation of everything that happens next. If you are ready to take your first step and claim your custom profile… then click below:

In a Reversal Reading You Receive

  • 1

    Your Customized Resistance Profile

    Discover the map of your mental blindspots and see your hidden talents awaiting you

  • 2

    "X Ray Vision" into What’s Blocking Your Greatest Goal

    Most don’t even realize how much their momentum is being destroyed

  • 3

    The Roadmap of How to Master Your Genius

    Reverse all your greatest challenges into your greatest source of power

Schedule Your Free Reversal Reading with Sebastian

Even if you’ve done…

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  • All the Motivational Training…
  • All the Marketing Training…
  • All the Affirmations…
  • All the Business Building Training…
  • All the Leadership Training…
  • All the Emotional “Healing” Training…
  • All the Spiritual Seeking Training…
  • All the Mind Hacks Training…
  • All the Mastermind Training…




I’m guessing you still have “shoulds” in your life..


You know… the things in your life that you “should” be doing…


Yet you’re not doing them.


How many of those do you have?


Most people are conscious of only a handful running in their lives when in fact… all people have 10-14 “Resistance Programs” running in their mind..


Well, each and every one of these nasty “shoulds” are holding you back in life.


Each one is like a chain around your neck, your hands, your feet… holding you in place to where you are and pulling you back from where you want to be


Sadly… the vast majority of people (especially personal-development-veterans) have not Reversed Their Resistance so their Resistance Beast is pulling away in the opposite direction of their greatest dreams… slowly killing their dreams day by day.

What would it feel like to “Take Back the Driver’s Wheel” of your mind and be naturally speeding towards your Greatest Vision?


Like a tractor beam connected to your goals… being pulled forward to your heart’s greatest dreams?


What could you accomplish with one of Your Resistance Programs Reversed?


What would life be like with all of them Reversed?


Go ahead and click the button below to access your Reversal Reading:

In a Reversal Reading You Receive

  • 1

    Your Customized Resistance Profile

    Discover the map of your mental blindspots and see your hidden talents awaiting you

  • 2

    "X Ray Vision" into What’s Blocking Your Greatest Goal

    Most don’t even realize how much their momentum is being destroyed

  • 3

    The Roadmap of How to Master Your Genius

    Reverse all your greatest challenges into your greatest source of power

Schedule Your Free Reversal Reading with Sebastian

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