Welcome, comrades, Sebastian Mychel Cruze here from decodeyourgenius.com and I’m here to help you live your life’s greatest work. Today’s, message is about the power of your purpose because oftentimes when a person starts asking the questions, “What’s my purpose? What am I here for? Does this even mean anything?” When a person starts asking those questions, it starts taking them on a path of discovery. And, oftentimes, the power is lost. And what I mean by that is there’s a lot of focus on say love for others, self-love service. Yet it feels, to me, at least a lot of people forget the power that’s in your purpose. And it’s not just something that’s an add-on what you’re doing. It’s actually a core source of fuel to achieve the things that you want in your life. It’s actually an enhancer rather than just a bonus.

Where Do You Draw Life Fuel From?

So let’s just take a look at an example here of why that’s the case. And let’s take a look at sports because that’s a very easy example to correlate the things of business. In a sport, if a team doesn’t fully believe that they cannot only make it to the championship yet and win, then if they don’t believe that, then how are they performing? Well, they’re performing with a lack of confidence and oftentimes, not to their … I mean pretty much all the time, not to the best of their abilities. There has to have some type of switch to be flipped for them to believe. And so in your business, yes, it’s important to have the vision of the tactical goals of, “We’re going to increase these numbers at this time,” and at the same time, if there’s no core central vision that people feel connected to mind and heart, then you’re leaving a lot of power on the table. It’s like you’re accessing say only 50% of the power of the fuel to drive your business forward.

We know in sporting events when they’re playing for a cause. One example of this is the New Orleans Saints when they were playing for their city, it activates a certain level of power that moves the team forward and there are many ways why that happens. However, in this video, I’m just going to talk about one. One of those things is that when shit hits the fan when we go through challenges in business, sports or life, that’s the critical moment where we decide consciously or unconsciously what fuel source that we drive upon and when the odds are pressed against us. When everything is facing you, are you drawing upon the fuel, that intrinsic motivation of, “Oh, I just want to get these numbers done? Maybe I can buy some cool stuff for myself or you know, maybe hit the numbers for the team that I’m obligated to.” Are you drawing upon that fuel source?

Discerning Your Sources of Fuel

Or are you drawing upon the other fuel source that says, “I am committed to a cause,” that is very clear that head, heart and hands are all united for that cause? And when you draw upon that fuel source, what starts to happen? We start to look at the challenges that are in your face and say, “Okay, okay, bring it on. Bring it on.” Because the core vision, the core cause is unflinching and whatever needs to be done to move forward on this cause we’ll be done. And if all the odds are against the person and all we can move as an inch forward right now. So be it. If it’s only a millimeter forward, so be it. Guess what? This train is moving forward regardless.

Very different energy than drawing upon the previous fuel source of just trying to hit numbers and obligations, which is why it’s so important to connect to the power of your purpose Because there are going to come into your life unexpected challenges. Just like there is for me, just like for every person on this planet that is breathing. No matter what we do to put in place procedures and measures to mitigate unexpected challenges, and those are all very important. Despite that, we’re going to encounter things that we don’t expect. Just a part of life. So instead of denying that fact, we can first embrace that fact, be okay with it, and also be prepared of when that time comes, what fuel source are we going to have at the ready to power us through it?

And guess what? If we wait until that challenge time to figure out and change our different fuel source, it’s going to be a lot harder. So if you are at a challenging point right now, let’s double down on the fuel source of the power of your purpose. And if you’re somebody who is in a really good place right now, then now’s actually the time as well so that whenever those things come in the future, you are prepared and ready.

Make a Change in the World

And why am I personally charged up about sharing these things with you? I’m charged up about it because I know that a person doing their life’s greatest work is what’s going to change the world. I am all for saving the trees, saving the oceans, saving the animals. All these things are all positive things. And I also look at what’s the root cause that will create the most amount of impact? And what will create the most amount of impact is waking more and more people up. Waking them up for them to start living their life’s greatest work. Not sometime in the future, but some time now. Why is that important?

Why is that an urgent business to attend to? It’s because as more and more people connect to their life’s greatest work, they connect to more and more the power that’s actually here for them to create the change in their causes that they care most about. And I know that you listening, that everyone listening, we all have different causes that are near and dear to our hearts. That’s beautiful. So each of us can first connect to this fuel source for our own games, for our own customers, for our own team, power everything to the next level with that. And then as those things are fulfilled, we’re also connected to what’s the bigger picture of humanity? What’s the bigger picture for our species as a whole?

There’re a lot of great things in this world. And there’re a lot of fucking problems in this world. Real problems with real consequences that need real power to break through them. And that’s why I can’t do it alone. That’s why nobody can. But together, more and more of us connecting to our own unique fuel source that drives us forward creates the influence with each person that they can deploy that influence to not only help themselves, not only help their team, not only help their customers, not only help their family but also help the communities in our species that they care most about.

To Sum It Up

So that’s what I have for you today. It is spending a little time exploring into the tremendous power that you have within your purpose and how that fuel source creates different results in your business. How that fuel source creates a different level of power within yourself that can conquer through challenges. The different fuel source that drives you forward and creates a different level of impact that cannot be created by any of us when we’re not tapping into that fuel source. And how, as you connect to that fuel source, it’s a win for you. It’s a win for your business. It’s a win for your team. It’s a win for your customers, and it’s a fucking win for all of humanity. That’s why you connecting to your special inner-purpose inside is the highest priority thing that you can do for yourself, for your business and the world. That’s today’s message. Sebastian Mychel Cruze. See you soon.