Welcome comrade. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here from decodeyourgenius.com and I’m here to help you live your life’s greatest work. And today’s message is all about demystifying the area of spirit. The question today is, what is spirit and can it help you grow your business? Because I know as an entrepreneur, you’re probably thinking, what is this and can it make me money? And nothing wrong with that, by the way, because a real long term business can only create money by giving value. So the money to receives is a reflection of that value. So let’s take a look today at demystifying what is spirit and how it can directly and practically apply to growing your business.

Your Guide To Understanding Your Journey

So let’s go in this diagram and I’m going to start off today by sharing the typical evolutionary path that an entrepreneur goes through and how each of these areas is a very specific collection of skills that are absolutely important to cultivate, build, and master in order to be more and more in the lane of your life’s greatest work.

And your life’s greatest work is when your passion, profit and purpose combine together in your business to create tremendous value for yourself, for the world and for your team. So let’s take a look here. We’ve got mind. This is typically where everybody starts as an entrepreneur. And this is the land of strategy. This is the land of developing different abilities in say, marketing, leadership, sales. That’s what we start off right here with. And as a person grows and they start learning different things and say they get a certain level of proficiency with those skills, then they usually hit a point where they realize, oh shit, if I’m not taking care of my body, then my body is not going to be able to take care of me. And they start seeing their body as a machine that needs to be taken care of so that it can take care of the mind.

Develop Your Skills

So then a person typically spends time cultivating their body. But again, this is a collection of skills. So for example, if the body, it’s not just fitness, it’s also recharging. It’s also taking into account energy levels of output. And typically as a person starts developing these collection of skills, then they’ll realize the emotions, the intimate link between body and mind and how the emotional states that we feel, especially in our past are linked to areas of our subconscious. And actually that is linked to our body as well. So then a person starts realizing that link and then as a person has this, these two, or they reached a point in their business where they’ve achieved their goals, they’ve gotten certain level of freedom and they look around and they say, okay, is this it? Is this all there really is, is it just more freedom and more money, or you know, I have many of the things that I wanted. Is this it?

And then a person starts searching on more questions of why am I really here? What’s my purpose? You know, what’s my passion? And that’s the realm of the spirit. And this is a very, let’s see, this is a very confusing place for most people because the people that teach about spirit, well first of all, it’s very hard to describe certain these certain things. And then the people that describe it, a lot of the language that’s used doesn’t really relate to the modern entrepreneur. So an entrepreneur will start, say, being mindful or meditating, and these are great things. However, each of these areas is a collection of skillsets. So meditating is great, but there’s a lot of other skillsets within that bubble. So let’s take a look at why that’s practical and relevant to you.

Building Intuitional Skills

Practical and relevant, because in order to live your life’s greatest work, you need to be able to build your intuitional skills, because the mind oftentimes gets confused with all the overwhelming choices that it can make and all the overwhelming paths that it can go on. And actually by design, the mind is built. It’s wired to go in the opposite direction of your life’s greatest work. And that’s why it’s important to build the skill set in the spirit bubble right there, because that will allow you to navigate your life, to be in your life strategies work. And that’s the easiest place to build your business in a sense because that’s where your passion, purpose and profit all aligned together and you feel on fire with that mission.

So let’s take a look at what is the spirit and demystifying it, now that we know that it’s very important to have. Simply put, all it is, the spirit, is that it’s connecting to the universal intelligence that progresses everything forward.

Think of It Like a Tree

So as you’ve heard me talk about before, just as a seed grows into a tree, we don’t need to tell the seed how to grow into the tree. It’s connected to a certain blueprint within the seed. It’s connected to a certain universal intelligence that continues it forward to growing into what it was born to become you could say. Human beings are the same way. So when we connect to this universal intelligence, that is our life’s greatest work trying to grow through. And our mind cannot connect to that. Our mind is looking in different ways, even if it’s a very intelligent mind, it has limits to it. So that’s where we keep the intelligence of our mind. We keep the skills that we’ve developed. And then the important thing is to start developing your intuitional skills to following the path of your life’s greatest work. And when these come together, that’s when a person is blending all of these and is way more effective.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the message for today. These skill sets are absolutely crucial for you to develop to be more in more in the lane of your life’s greatest work. And specifically the spirit part of this trifecta is, does not have to be woo woo, does not have to be, mystical or anything like that. In fact, just like the other ones, it’s a practical and relevant collection of skill sets that you can build for yourself just like any other skill set. And as you build those skill sets, you become more well-rounded. And as you become more well-rounded, it becomes easier and easier for you to notice the signs and notice the opportunities that are guiding you on your way to click more and more into your life’s greatest work, onto the path of your real purpose of becoming who you were born to become.

So that’s the message for today. Sebastian Mychel Cruze, and I’ll see you in the next video.