Welcome. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here and I’m here to help you live your life’s greatest work and in this video, I’m going to share with you an analogy that’s going to help you understand more what is your life’s greatest work and how does it practically apply to the decisions you’re making every day in your business? So your life’s greatest work is when passion, profit and purpose all combine together and the business that you have is combining your greatest talents and it’s serving in a way that means most to you. 

It means you’ve got energy behind it, you care about what you’re actually creating. And just like an author has the great work of their life, they have that book or collection of books that lives on after their passed, that is how your business and your life’s greatest work can be an extension of everything you hold dear and the culmination of everything you’ve studied, implemented and built in your life.

Nurturing Your Seed

So the analogy that I’m going to share with you is that if you take an oak seed and you give it enough water and enough fertilizer it’s going to grow into an oak tree. And it does this all on its own, you don’t have to take the seed, you don’t have to tell it what it needs to become, you don’t need to show it what it needs to become. That seed is already inherently connected to a universal intelligence that grows when the right conditions are in place and the seed already has the blueprint inside of it to become the oak tree.

 And us as humans, we have that same blueprint, that same seed within us that has our life’s greatest work. Now, things get a little bit different though because as human beings of course we have free choice. We have the ability to choose what direction we take in our life and that direction complicates things and that choice complicates things.

Heeding Your Calling

And oftentimes people cannot be sure of what is their internal template, their internal blueprint that they’re growing into. And sometimes, often case, our mind will take us away from the path of our life’s greatest work. So what I share with people is how to connect to that inner blueprint that you have include of you and it’s a bit more in depth than we can cover in a couple minute video here but that’s the thing that I’ll share with you today is that the thing that really lights you up and your life’s greatest work, your calling, when your calling and your career combine as one unstoppable mission, that is already inside of you. And it’s not even something of where you’re looking out and creating things new, it’s more about connecting to what’s already there. And that’s what I believe is one of the most beautiful things about this is that everybody on the planet has their own seed within them.

Following Your Blueprint with Nurture

Everyone has their own blueprint within them waiting to have enough water and have enough fertilizer on that seed so it can grow and grow, and that seed is unique to everyone. When I do readings where I go through the map of someone’s life work, I get to see all the unique combinations that each person has, the culmination of all the things that they went through when they were younger, all the challenges they went through and how that puts them in a position to do their life’s greatest work and grow into exactly like a tree. A tree is strong, powerful and stands the test of time, and that’s exactly what your work can be as well. So that’s what I’ll leave you with today to think on and connect to. Spend some time, connect to what seed is within you and you can find it and start following the clues within that seed by just noticing in your body when you think of these certain things and you think of these different pathways, where do you feel the energy expand in your chest? Where you feel it contract?

Final Thoughts

When you feel the energy expand, that’s a clue to follow that direction because that’s the seed within literally trying to expand. And when we make decisions and we look at a path to go and our mind says, “Oh, that’s good for X, Y, Z, reasons,” but we have that contracted feeling. That’s the seed inside saying, “No, that’s not the grow lane. Let’s go to the areas where we feel that expanding in our chest.” And sometimes it takes courage to make those decisions as well. Sometimes we have a decision to make and we’re like, “Whoa, that’s going to be a leap,” but inside you feel an expansion in your chest that, “I need to do this.” So spend some time, I encourage you to reflect on that for yourself and follow that energy that continuously wants to expand and carry you along the way of your life’s greatest work. And that’ll be all for today, Sebastian Michael Cruz. Talk to you soon.