Welcome to today’s message. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here. And the question for today is what is your magnum opus? What is your magnum opus? Now, this phrase is Latin and it typically refers in arts or music or literature of an artist, a creator’s greatest work. It’s their shining achievement. It’s the crown jewel of their career. It’s the thing that lives on for generations after they’ve passed. And it keeps producing value long after they’ve passed.

Defining Your Greatest Work

An entrepreneurial standpoint with your business with what you’re creating, what is your magnum opus? What is the body of work? What is the impact? What is the things that you’ve built or are building that’s going to live way beyond and when it’s all said and done, when you’ve passed on from this planet and you’re looking back and you’re saying, “That’s the crowning achievement that I’ve built with my entrepreneurial skills. That’s the culmination of all my years of training and these different modalities and it all came together to create the impact that I cared about most.” That is your magnum opus.

And it takes time to build and it’s never done until the day we die because we’re always adding to that body of work. It’s not necessarily like … For us as entrepreneurs it’s not necessarily like being a writer and you have your one book or your musical composition that is your one thing. For us it’s an extension of what have we built our whole entire life and what is the culmination of that as we pass on to the next place.

Analyze Your Skills

This is an opportunity to take a look at your business and say, “Okay, is this part of my magnum opus? Is this part of my life’s greatest work?” Or is there something else that you really want to do but maybe you’re just waiting to make enough money to do that thing or whatever it might be. What is the thing you really want to do with your entrepreneurial skills? What’s the thing you really want to build?

This is an opportunity to follow that direction and it doesn’t happen overnight. However it’s an encouragement to follow, start steering your ship in that way because that’s what we’re here to do. And just like a seed has the blueprint inside of it, that with the right conditions it grows into a great big tree, we have that seed of our life’s greatest work inside of us. But if it doesn’t get watered it ain’t going to grow so connect to that for you. And like I shared before, follow the GPS in your chest because you’ll know. You’ll feel the fire towards that direction.

Improve What You Have

And it might be going through certain training. It might be exploring certain creative endeavors. It might be exploring certain ways and it might not make sense to you in the moment of like, “How does this connect to my life’s greatest work,” but hear that GPS is saying, “Go that way.” Mine’s saying, “Not sure.” This is encouragement to just pause in the mind and follow GPS.

And what happens when you hear the stories of people that have given their life’s greatest work, and even in your own experiences, time where you really followed that what some people call gut feeling and then you didn’t really make sense of the moment but you looked back afterwards and you go, “Holy shit. That was like exactly what I needed,” or, “That was such a pivotal thing that brought me to my next step.” But in the moment, if you had listened to your mind the mind would have had a thousand different excuses and one why it wasn’t the right thing to do.

Finding Your Guiding System

And while our mind is an incredible useful tool, that’s exactly what it is, an incredibly useful tool. It’s not us. And we’ve got different guidance systems on here. The perfect guidance system up here. The guidance system for our life’s greatest work, our magnum opus, building that culmination of our skills, our passions, our purpose that goes by a different operating system.

As you’re going through your day in your business, take a look at your environment right now. Is this part of your magnus opus, or excuse, magnum opus and if it’s not feeling, if you’re not feeling the fire with it, take a look at where do you feel the fire? And sometimes it’s a different direction and sometimes it’s a slight tweak that one degree of a change over time can be in a totally different place.

Final Thoughts

That’s my message for you today. Why am I doing this message for you? Because the world needs … If we’re ever going to make real change in the world, we need more and more people doing their life’s greatest work. That’s what’s actually going to make meaningful change for humanity is waking up within and saying, “Okay, let me transcend just the activity wheel of just doing, doing, doing, what show, what this, what that and actually connect to why the fuck each of us are actually here. What’s our unique path for our own greatest work,” and then follow that and that alone will create a change that actually stands the test of time. Connect to your magnum opus and build the way, build the way. Talk soon.