Welcome Comrade. Sebastian Mychel Cruze here. And today’s message is going to begin with a very simple question and the question is, do you know the meaning of the phrase raison d’etre, raison d’etre? 

Now this is a French phrase that roughly translates to finding your reason for living. This was just recently introduced to me by a good friend Bontrager and that’s going to be the purpose of this message today is what is your, yours, raison d’etre? 

What “Reason for Living” Means To You

Now this is incredibly personal for each person. There’s no wrong or right answer. It’s completely personal and customized to you. I was just listening to a Russell Brand the other day on a podcast, and he said a phrase that “it’s as unique as your fingerprint and as natural as a seed growing into a tree”. And as I heard that, I was like, wow, that is the, that’s exactly how I feel about people’s purposes.

And that’s what yours is, is your reason for living is as unique as your fingerprint and is as natural inside of you as an oak seed growing into an oak tree. 

What Is Your Reason For Living? 

Is that your reason for living that combines your talents, combines the things that you want to give, combines the person that you truly want to be inside that’s within you, already encoded as the blueprint of a seed and as I’m sharing this message, this is to pour some water on that seed and pack that seed with a bunch of fertilizer so we can start growing more and more and more and more. And why is that important? 

It’s important, because when you are connected to your reason for living, when you’re connected to the cause that lights you up, when you’re connected to your life’s work, the things you’re really supposed to do here and then it activates a whole different energy inside of you.

And I know you, as a business owner, you as an intelligent business owner; your mind is you’ve got a lot of things covered in your mind. You’re very well read, very well studied, and you’re going to continue to grow. Yes. And you’ve got a lot of that covered. 

Yet right here, the energy in the chest is missing largely and how we connect the brilliance of the mind with the power of that energy in the chest is to connect to our reason for living. And this isn’t something that, well it could be whatever the hell you want it to be, quite frankly. 

Infusing the “Right Energy” Into Your Business

What I’m here is to share that the more that energy is infused into your business, the more power you’re bringing it through. Because let’s have an example. The example of, say you’re watching a sporting event and you’ve got somebody who knows all the plays, knows all the different stats, but they never step on the field or they rarely step on the field.

Yeah, they know a lot, but they haven’t integrated a lot and so what’s the result? They get smashed on the field, talking about football in this scenario, that’s what popped in my mind. That’s what happens in our business is that if we’re just training up here, yes we can get very far, do a lot of things, but we’re doing it while not accessing the power in here. 

And intuitively we know this to be the case because there’s movies epitomized by people that aren’t that smart. There are movies that epitomize the character that isn’t that smart but they’ve got the heart, they’ve got the lion heart beating within them and they had the power to persevere, the power to go in and all of a sudden things start shifting their way. The breaks start shifting their way.

So this message is the practical message of not just like, ah, follow your, and there’s nothing wrong with these things, but to me they don’t really land, like follow your bliss. 

Like okay, what’s the, we’re in business making money, helping people like there’s hard decisions to be made. It doesn’t really land with me. It doesn’t really connect. Never did. In any, in any ways, like in addition to that, like following your purpose, it can be very vague. 

So this is, bring practicality in, is to what’s actually going on when someone’s on fire, when their mind, body, and spirit is aligned as a powerful force towards an objective. And this is an important component of accessing the power in here that’s only accessed when we connect to our reason for living. So reason why I share this is because A. I know if the biggest problems in the world want to be solved, I believe entrepreneurs are the best equipped to make the change, make the value that can happen way faster than waiting for people in the legislator to go through the government.

And also is that people typically have to f****** crash and burn to connect to their reason for living. They need to get smacked in the face, usually not once, but multiple times until everything is stripped away. And that it’s pretty f****** clear that I’m either gone, I mean I just checkout or I connect this reason for living and that’s what happened to me.

Advices Based On Personal Experiences Can Be Helpful

And I share this message because if you can avoid that, great. No need to go through that if you can avoid that. For me, I built up my company, my first company; things were going exactly as I wanted. The team grew, grew, grew, grew and grew. And for a number of reasons, things imploded. Along the way I was getting, I was getting hints from life, hints from whoever’s upstairs, hints from the universe to follow my life’s work first and foremost in my life.

But it was really, it was like, it was in the backseat for me. And there’s this phrase or this analogy that says that the universe, that life, speaks to us first in a whisper, when you get a nudge of, Ooh, you know, maybe this is the project I should really focus on. But then we don’t listen if you’re anything like I was, I didn’t listen. I was so fixated. My mind was so fixated on what I thought was right that I was ignoring that it didn’t feel right in here. It didn’t feel right. And so I ignored it. And then it’s like the, the phrases that life throws a pebble at us and boink, okay, we feel it. I would feel it. But then I was so fixated that I would just keep going. And then it’s that life will throw a rock at you. Then boom.

Then it really gets dazed. But if you’re anything like I was, you keep focusing here without feeling what’s going on in here. Maybe deals that look good and you’re like, ah, I don’t really know whether it’s this person or the arrangement of the deal, if something doesn’t feel right here. But the mind’s like, it’s a great opportunity. Look who’s involved. Look at all these ways it can succeed and you go forward to. That’s what happened to me and until finally life like throws a boulder and it just like blown. And then that’s when the lowest point happens. And for me, when everything imploded in that first business and I was absolutely stripped away from everything, everything that I thought was important, everything that I thought was me, was gone and there I was exposed and I couldn’t take it. And I thought I’d just, I’m done. I want to leave, I want to inject. This is too much.

But as I was laying there, literally in the fetal position, I realized there was something that something inside me would never let me take that final step, which was even more depressing. I was like, fuck, I’m trapped here. And then energy started rising inside of me. It’s like my switch flipped and all sudden the things that had driven me before that were my number one, they were stripped away, something switched, a new fuel switched inside of me. And that fuel was my reason for living. Since I had everything stripped away, why the fuck was I here? What was the fucking point to just build and build and build and build and have it all taken away? And who’s to say that it doesn’t happen again and again and again.

Sudden Realizations Can Be Very Terrifying

If this was ever going to happen again, if I was ever on my deathbed again, what would be the whole point of this? And that’s where this energy started rising in front of me and that that’s where it was, I know I have a mission. I know I have to help people in a positive way and create a change that’s endless, that keeps going through the waves of time. And at the time I didn’t know what that meant as you probably, you might not know exactly. It wasn’t like a clear vision just happened, but the fuels switched and I noticed how my mind felt so much different than this feeling that all of a sudden I was feeling in here.

I thought, I’ve got to follow this fuel. This is the actual juice of my life. And that’s what I started doing. I started evaluating things in my life and what had that feeling that just brought this energy in my chest and what didn’t. And I would like to say that I was, I was just able to quickly turn those things off, but it was a process.

My Personal Message To All Entrepreneurs Out There

It took time. It took time for me to, because I didn’t hear this message at the time. I didn’t know it was happening. So it took time for me to let go of more and more of those things that did not bring me that feeling in my chest. And as I followed that feeling, followed this different fuel, things just started connecting, opening up in different ways that I could never conceive. And every step of the way it was this feeling of, oh my God, I am exactly in the right place right now. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Mind, heart, and spirit. Everything is just exactly where I’m supposed to be right now to carry out my mission, my reason for living. Whew.

So that’s the message for today is to connect to your raison d’etre and to understand that you as a powerful entrepreneur, you’ve achieved a lot. And when you connect to this fucking powerhouse that’s in your chest, when you connect to the the things that you really supposed to do, the projects you’re really supposed to do with your life, it’s a whole new level. It’s a whole new level. And it’s the practical application of us as human beings encoded with unique purposes inside of us to express that out.

So that’s my message for you today, Sebastian Mychel Cruze. Figure out what the f*** your reason is for living and follow. Follow that fuel that you sense. It might not make sense where that takes you in the moment, but when you look back you realize, wow, I could have never planned it this way, but this is exactly what I needed. 

And I had a hunch that if you look back in your life right now, there’s times where you followed that feeling, you followed that felling and there’s times where you haven’t and you look back and go, wow, I didn’t follow it that time and everything looked good on paper. 

Well, I kind of had a bad feeling about it, but now I can see that the feeling was right. And conversely, there’s probably times where you connected to that fuel and it brought a whole different energy out inside of you. It brought whole different results out of inside of you. Maybe moved on in different things and maybe you’ve always thought about that time of like, what the fuck happened there? What, where did that energy come from? Like where did that version of myself come from?

And that’s because you connected to your reason for living. And like I said before, your reason for living can be different than mine. It’s as many colors as there are in the spectrum, there’s as many shades there are the people’s reasons for living. 

Wrapping It Up For You

And also if your reason for living includes your family than fuck, yes. If your reason for living includes your children, then yes, absolutely. And if you’re a parent, mother, father, I encourage you to connect. 

What’s your personal reason for living? Because though your family is definitely a part of it. And what I’ve noticed with myself and countless others that I’ve shared these types of things with, is that our purpose is multidimensional in the sense that there’s many different aspects to it and they all come together.

So that’s my message with love and power and with service, Sebastian Mychel Cruze.